Happy One year

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Well, I’ve been planning this day for a while now, today marks the one year anniversary that I created this blog and posted my first post about how I wanted to lose weight, Well, where have this blog and I been?

Well, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’ve been on crutches, hyper extended my knee, spent three days in the hospital, started sophomore year, had a great season of golf, made the basketball team, completed the basketball season, realized that badminton wasn’t for me, and made endless attempts at posting daily and here we are, a year later with over 100 posts, over 400 followers, and so much support from all of you out there that makes me want to keep going. If I do say so, myself, that’s been a great year.

Now, even through all of the friendships and memories I’ve made on this blog, the outcome isn’t what I pictured. Before I hurt my knee, I thought I’d be 140 pounds at the end of summer, but I was 20 over, I thought I’d be slim and rocking that skin-tight dress to my dances, but it didn’t turn out that way. So, what I’ve decided to do is start over, from square one, and see if this summer can be even more successful than last, I started p90x today and I am very excited to get my butt kicked in the next 90 days, however, this blog carries baggage that I don’t want to deal with, so I am making a new blog,  I have yet to post or design anything yet, so it’s very barren, but I will get to posting ASAP. I want to not only talk about what I ate and random school updates, but also recipes, other workouts, and other random stuff that comes to mind.

So, it’s been an absolute joy with his blog, and this year has been marvelous.

So once more

Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

May 10th.

Well, today is May 10th, and a lot of stuff happened and I haven’t talked about it, Anywho,

  • I’m on level 2 of the 30DS, today is day 16, I believe.
  • School is done in exactly 2 weeks. YAY!
  • The ship date for the yearbook is tomorrow.
  • Distribution is Next Thursday and Saturday.
  • AP Test is Thursday…. I’m nervous
  • My birthday is in a month and two days. AHHH 16!
  • I’m going out to dinner con las amigas tonight.
  • I need a new belt, it’s huge
  • Jillian Michaels is a serious ass-whooper. Level 2 is still killing me and today was day 5.

That’s my news,

Day 17- Do you have an eating disorder?

No. I don’t. But I hate people who make fun of those with eating disorders. It is a mental illness, nothing under their control. That’s why “Just eat a burger” doesn’t work.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


The gods are not on my side.

Well. It seems as if every time I really get on track and make it far with the 30 Day Shred, something has to come in he way of my plans. In my last post, I mentioned my stomach bothering me and how I may or may not be lactose intolerant but let’s not talk about that, So, I had food poisoning, and then I missed three days of the 30DS even though I said they would happen. I figured I should not risk feeling sick for more days and when you can’t stand up without writhing in pain, something’s not right. We think I had food poisoning, but I don’t know. It wasn’t related to my cyst from my hospital visit in July, everyone though I was, but I’m sure it wasn’t… different pain in different places.

I really think that the workout ‘gods’ don’t ever want  me to complete the 30 day Shred. Why? Everytime I get far, like one week or more, something happens and I have to restart. I only missed three days so I started last Thursday and I will complete it (or so we hope) by May 24th, my last day of school. I’m on day 9 already, which by stating this, makes me realize how long ago, I made my last  post., Darn, Anyway, I’ll just pick up with the day I left off on for the 30 Days of weight loss challenge and I will be starting a new squat challenge tomorrow, I’m leaving for a party that gets over at 10:30 in about 5 minutes so I’ll start it tomorrow. My knee hasn’t been bugging me so I will try to finish the challenge. Woot.

tumblr_mlxu2bkhkH1qi6obqo1_500 squat-challenge-011 gingermantra-may-2013-squat-challenge

Day 16- when did you first decide to lose weight?

Well, after 8th grade graduation. When a size 16 dress was snug and almost didn’t fit, after my doctor told me that my weight had skyrocketed. when I looked at pictures and my sister could barely wrap her arms around me, after I missed a day of school to avoid running, after I lost control of my weight and my eating habits, after my mom told me to ‘stop eating’ at a party, before I became me.


Well, you haven’t missed much in these past two weeks. I won junior class president. That’s really it. Yesterday was bring your child to work day at my school and on Thursday, we watched a birthing video in health. Children are adorable but having children doesn’t seem to fun. Anyway, I went to the cubs game yesterday with my mom, I ditched school, but whatever. It poured and poured but we stayed the whole game and the Cubs ended up losing by 1. IT happens. We were about six rows behind home plate. The tickets were amazing.

Picture I took
Picture I took

And that’s about it.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂



April Challenges Day 8

Guys, okay, So, before i tell you all about my challenges, I really just want to say that I am really accomplished with what I have accomplished this week. I have stayed with the 30 Day Shred, only skipped posting for 2 days, and only one day have i eaten over my calorie budget. Also, you all know my habits in posting, and that a post a week is usually good. But this month I’ve posted 12 posts, and have gotten over 700 views this month. Which will soon surpass my 830 in June. To be honest, I’m loving posting every day and the support i am getting from all of you. So thank you!

Anyway, Day 8 is my workout routine.

Well, I get up at 5;20-5:30 and do the 30-Day Shred. Now that it’s getting nicer outside, I’ll be taking my dogs for walks at night because, well, it’s nice outside.

One more thing before departing, Holy arm muscle batman. It’s ironic because I’ve never seen/read batman. Anyway, My arms (left in particular) is very defined and my bicep is actually hard. Whoa, it’s great!


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


Challenges for April!

So, today is April 1st, and along with the 30 Day Shred, I will be doing these challenges


For those of you, whose legs and butt can take more squats, her are some for you



Happy Shredding



It’s April 1st

So, today is the 1st day of April. That mans there are 54 days until summer vacation. 54 days until I want to be able to rock my strapless dresses, tank tops, short shorts, and hey, a bikini even. Today, I’m far from there. And who knows?  May 24th may come, and I still may be far from there. But, if there’s one thing I want to accomplish. That’s completing the 30-Day Shred and feeling great in the body I have. I should have finished it today. Had I not procrastinated until 10:30 at night two weeks ago, not even finish it, then the next day, “give myself a break” maybe, I’d be done. And, who knows what I’d look like. It beats me why I quit that day, I guess, I just have no motivation. Why have not motivation. When I know what eating right and exercising does? I don’t know. I know one thing for sure. My dad needs to lose 10-15 pounds in the next three months, because he is overweight, not obese but he is overweight. I know one thing; I know what being obese does to your body, your outlook on life, and Jesus, think of how it makes you look. I want to keep my dad around for as long as possible, and if that means eating what he eats, not eating junk food and crap with him, and exercising everyday until we both lose the needed weight, that’s what I’m planning on doing, for him, and me. I’ve never really explained how I got overweight in the first place, and because Easter sparked it, I guess I’ll tell you now

Well, a few years ago. I found out the Easter bunny wasn’t real. I found the stash of candy my dad had beside his bed and I took it. I ate all of it. I then put the empty wrappers in my closet. Then, when Girl Scout cookies were delivered I ate, I don’t even know how many, boxes and boxes of tagalongs. I kept this stash hidden for the next year. I put on 25 pounds in three months. Then, in January of the next year, my grandma had surgery and my dad stayed home for the day to get my sister and I after school little did I know, he’s clean out my closet and pile all of the candy I had eaten over the course of that year. On January 30th, 2008. I wrote in my diary “Hi! I’m very mad because my dad found the extra candy I ate over the years and I am not happy. I know it’s wrong so I’ll show you all what I ate and how I look (I hate my life) **Cue picture of table with approximately foot of candy and me, reaching into the pantry with what looks to be the biggest gut I’ve ever seen *** I’m sorry how fat I am but I can’t help it!!!!!” If I may say something, I was 10 years old and I already hated my life and was putting my body down. I’m sorry but this doesn’t make sense. I, was a happy child on the outside but inside, trust me, I thought about suicide on a regular basis.

And, so I kept struggling with my weight for quite some time. I lied about my weight in school when we had to make our nutrition pyramid. I knew how much I weighed but my friend looked over every few questions so I went with 100 pounds. I knew I was more like 175 or more. I hadn’t been 100 pounds in forever. When I was 8, I weighed 120 pounds. I didn’t really think I could keep gaining weight until May 2011, when I reached 199.2 pounds, my doctor told me “Your weight has skyrocketed. I want you to get down to 165 pounds” Skyrocketed. That memory still flashes before my mind from time to time and I can’t help but thank her for saying that.  If she hadn’t, I’d be bigger and depressed. It was probably that or the fact that I tried on a size 16 dresses for 8th grade graduation and it almost didn’t zip.

Another reason I want to succeed at weight loss is for my grandma. She died of cancer when I was in 8th grade; I’m guessing this is why my weight skyrocketed. I don’t know. But she passed of lung cancer in October of 8th grade, and I wanted to die, She didn’t even see me at my highest and will never see me at my lowest.

To this day, if I didn’t have a hold of my weight, I’d be depressed and I don’t think anyone would know. I was always so happy with friends and family. It was just by myself, I contemplated suicide. A few years ago, I read this thing where old people, if they felt it was time to go, could tell themselves to die in their sleep, and they would. So, every night for month and months I would say this to myself but I would still wake up.

I sometimes think about what pushed me into being depressed. I never believe I was depressed, but thinking about it, I was. And no one noticed. That made it worse. I thought no one cared enough about me to see I was falling into depression. But, it was my own fault. I wasn’t letting people into my life, I still don’t. It’s my terrible fear of rejection talking. I feel like if I let people in, they won’t like whom I am and they’ll leave. Maybe it’s the time a girl facebook messaged me “idont care. u could go kill urself no one would care but ur mom” That really ripped out my soul. I really don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, what keeps me going, is my friends. My sister, the Internet, and other teenager like me. I smile. I always smile; it makes people’s days. People love my dimples and tell it to me too. “The people that smile and laugh the most are the ones who are suffering the most. Because laughter isn’t only the best medicine, it’s also the best disguise.” I think it’s true. When you frown, people ask you what’s the matter. When you smile, people automatically think you’re fine so I smile and make others feel better in the process. My sister. I always wanted an older sister and I know I can’t leave her alone without me. No matter how much we fight, she gets me through the day and I hope I help her get through hers too. The Internet and other teenagers like me. Well, I knew if I ever killed myself, my sister and her friends, my friends even, would think that it’s okay to kill yourself if you get into a rut. So, I think my biggest accomplishment, not losing the weight, but for continuing my life when I wanted to die. So, that’s what I did, That’s why I did it, I’ve lost 40 pounds and have 25-30 to go. I don’t care how long it takes, healthy and happy is going to happen. So, it’s April 1st.


Because you all care…

Because you all care so much about my health class and that it kept me on track while i’ve been away I thought I’d share with you my essay for the class. It’s not really an essay, we were supposed to talk about the foods we eat too much of, what to get rid of, what to add, and I did that. 🙂



In my diet, I definitely eat a lot of carbohydrates, fiber and protein. Just looking at the first three days of the week, I was over in all four of those categories each of these days.

I eat approximately three bananas per day so, with 27 grams of carbohydrates in each one, those add up fast. I also eat a sandwich almost every day for lunch, so bread adds carbohydrates as well.  Also, bananas have 3.1 grams of fiber, so eating three per day is almost the total amount of fiber I should have per day.

When I look at my diet for the first day, I noticed that I was over for fats. I looked to see what put me over. Really, I don’t eat a lot of fat based foods, but when you have a large piece of sausage pizza and a chocolate chip cookie or two for dinner, that really puts you over. Am I going to stop eating pizza and cookies? No, but I will and do eat them in moderation.

My carbohydrate intake adds up fast. Most, if not all of my foods have 15 or more grams of carbohydrates. The recommended amount for me is 174g and on day one alone, I had 243g. Once again that chocolate chip cookie and piece of pizza, not to mention three bananas really brings it up.

Looking at all of thee numbers, I realize I am pretty consistent with my consumption of sodium. It is normally way below my daily needs, but consistent. Until you look at March 6th, it looks rather consistent. I never realized that Paninis contained so much sodium. Not only was that panini 860 calories, it also contained 2150 mg of sodium, a whole 49mg of the sodium I had eaten that day, and almost 60% more than I should have eaten that day. Needless to say, I won’t be ordering that anytime soon.  Also, that Panini had almost 50g of protein, explaining why I was over on protein for that day as well.

Based on the past week of food logging, I need to eat less of carbohydrates, fiber and proteins. I am pretty on par with sugars. And for the most part, I need to really up my intake of fats, cholesterol, and sodium. I should add foods with more cholesterol and fats such as seafoods and nuts, and more foods with sodium like cheeses. I will definitely be taking those Paninis out of my diet, and although I should, cookies will be leaving no time soon.

That’s all

Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂