#28DBC Challenge Update

Hello all. I stayed home today because  I am sick, so… Why not blog and update my blog for this challenge while I’m at it.

I told you guys last night  that I needed 4 new things becasue I didn’t have a twitter. I got an email saying that it would really help me, so I got a twitter. You can go here or just look to my side bar and follow me. Thanks!

So, I have completed quite a few of the things on the list just in case I pull  an Alicia and don’t post for the rest of the month…



Add/update categories (BONUS: Add/update menus and navigation bars)

Update and enhance your About page (BONUS: take new headshot and add to sidebar)

Update and enhance your Contact page

Add to/update your subscription options (BONUS: Add email feature)

Update and enhance your sharing options (BONUS: Make sure that your Twitter name is pre-populated in any sharing tools you have)

Find your five most popular posts and edit for grammar, broken links, add new information/photos (BONUS: Do this for your 10 most popular posts)

Update your menus/navigation bar


Social Media

Update profile photo/avatar (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)

Update header (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)

Review and refresh bios, including URLS (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)

Review and refresh follows/friends

Add/edit your Gravatar



Add/update your email signature to include blog URL and other platform links    (I did this one today)


So, I’m about half-way done. Woot. Adios.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


2-no-more-excuses motivational-quotes-for-weight-loss-1


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