About Yours Truly!

Well, Hi I’m Alicia, and this is my blog. My whole life I was overweight. I ate what I wanted when I wanted. I played basketball and all; however, once or twice a week for an hour plus the 30 minutes of gym time isn’t enough to keep children healthy. I think this is how I got asthma and the fact that my mom smoked. When I discovered sweat pants in third grade, I didn’t care how I looked. I realized I didn’t like my appearance in 7th grade, after my dad found the Easter candy supply that I had devoured (not just what was in all three of my baskets but what the Easter bunny had saved for himself and my mom). And, then after that my grandma, the woman who inspires me to keep going everyday was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and a few short months after, died. I was devastated. I had always been an emotional eater, but after she died, I ate more and more and more. I gained 22 pounds in the three months after she died. And by the end of that year (8th grade) I weighed a whopping 199.2 pounds. When your doctor says that your weigh has ‘skyrocketed’ and you struggle fitting into a size 16 dress, you feel shitty. You really do. So, that summer I exercised, counted calories, and lost 30 pounds. I was 170 pounds, happy, more confident than ever, and ready to start freshman year. During freshman year, I gained 10 pounds. I did basketball and badminton and so I thought it was all muscle I was gaining but it probably wasn’t. I didn’t count calories or pay attention to what I was eating because I thought that just being active could fix that, So, the summer going into sophomore year, I lost 20 pounds, I would have lost more, but I was on crutches for my knee after hyper-extending it, and then I had an ovarian cyst which ruptured, so I wasn’t on my feet a lot. I maintained my weight during sophomore year, and this summer hasn’t gone as well as expected. I started p90x and did the first week, then took a rest day early, then another rest day, and never started back up. Now I’m about 190. I’ve been down to 159 and want to get back there and even go lower. I’m going to get the body I want, the confidence I want, and be able to walk on my college campus without a worry in the world.


  1. My favorite color is blue
  2. I’m 18
  3. I live in illinois
  4.  I have a dog, I also have two turtles, and a bird.
  5. I’ve always wanted a chameleon
  6. I don’t post pictures of my face, and probably won’t  until I reach my goal weight, or until further notice.
  7. I’ll be attending San Diego state University in the fall
  8. I moved every year until 2nd grade and I’ve been in that house ever since.
  9. I have a sister, I love how that didn’t come up earlier, but my longing for a chameleon did.
  10. I’m 5’8″ tall.
  11. I’ll be studying international business with a minor in spanish however that will probably change
  12. I want to study abroad in Spain
  13. My favorite number is 13. I use that number for the sports I’ve played ever since 8th grade. When I found out who #13 was on the Bulls (Joakim Noah… my favorite player on my favorite team) and that he played the same position as I do, it stuck.
  14. Likes: sleep, earrings, my phone, fruit (rasberries especially), old people. soft hair, face masks from lush, shoes, dogs, horses, reptiles, music, ketchup, deep-dish pizza, cats, basically all animals,
  15. dislikes spinach, bugs, no wifi, apple juice, when my teacher erases the board but he leaves a little writing not erased, mustard,
  16. That’s really all I have to say but I  love writing bullet points, It’s really fun
  17. There’s actually probably more but I’m lazy (there’s one)



12 thoughts on “About Yours Truly!”

  1. Thanks for following my blog … I’ll be cheering you along all the way but remember not to lose too much weight! You’re 14 and need some fat to be healthy. Common sense girl!

  2. HI Alicia. I am so touched that you are following my blog. Always eat sensibly and be careful Sweetie. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 Renee

  3. Hi Alicia. Thank you for following my blog! I wish i had had the foresight to do something about my weight when I was your age, just remember to be healthy (which by the looks of things you are), and I wish you all the success you deserve. I look forward to your updates 🙂

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