Hello friends

Hi everyone. I would like to thank everyone for being so loyal to this blog and for continuing to follow this blog with my lack of posts. For those of you who still care, I’m going to give a bit of a life update and to let you all know where you guys can find me, for posts abut my life, exercise, diet, and every other tiny thing going on in my life.

  1. I finished my 1st semester of college and am not dead yet woot
  2. I’m a vegan now. woot
  3. I got 2 tattoos
  4. I got my nose pierced
  5. The west if helping me cope with my depression, anxiety, and eating disorder
    1. I have only hurt myself twice since coming to college
  6. I love California
  7. I’m still white as hell
  8. Anything else you guys want to know about me you can find on my new blog buddhistvegann

I hope my lovely followers on here will support me on my new adventures and be just as active on here as you were on this blog.

Also, if you want to keep up with me on other places give me a follow on any of these sites too





Well, here’s for one last time

Happy Shredding

Alicia ๐Ÿ™‚


P.S. Thank you all so much again for staying here and following me on this blog for the last 4 years. The love is visible and I love each and every follower, commenter, and just passer byer I have had the fortune of impacting or talking to on this blog.



Paleo Diet

So, I’ve been realizing that although my eating habits aren’t bad: I eat fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk, whole grains etc, however I’ve noticed myself still being bloated and my stomach is upset a lot of the time. My doctor thinks that I may be lactose intolerant or allergic to gluten “or both or neither” so for the next month she wants me to try the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet for those of you who don’t know is basically only eating what our ancestors would eat before agriculture. So basically I get to eat meat (the leaner the better), fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.

I have to cut out a number of things

  1. Sodas
  2. Partially Hydrogenated Oils
  3. Junk Food
  4. Fast Food
  5. Grains
  6. Dairy
  7. Processed Foods
  8. Legumes
  9. Potatoes
  10. Pseudograins

Really the only thing that will be really hard for me is potatoes. And we are allowed coconut and almond milk so I will be enjoying those things.

A friend of mine tried this diet and lost 9 inches off her waist in 1 week and her grandpa’s diabetes is in control now because of this diet but honestly I just hope I can enjoy a meal without being up all night with an upset stomach.

I’ll be posting an update on my Paleo diet and college soon and if you have any suggestions or questions for me about the diet please let me know!

Happy Shredding

Alicia ๐Ÿ™‚

3rd Fit Test

Hey all,

So a few quick things before I discuss my 3rd fit test.

I visited my school for orientation last week and chose all of my classes. I’m so excited for all my classes and will be switching my major, I’m not sure what I’ll be changing it to yet, but after orientation I realized that business is not for me.

The day before I left for California, my family and I went to the beach and although I did apply SPF75 sunscreen my back was burnt to a crisp. I was so uncomfortable on the plane and could barely walk Sunday and Monday night so I didn’t work out those two days. I’m upset with myself but I was in so much pain getting that extra work out wasn’t worth it. I did however get more than 10,000 steps both of those days. So, it’s not like I laid on my butt I just couldn’t put a sports bra on and do vigorous exercising.

Anyway, here are my 3rd attempt at the fit test results.

Switch Kicks

    • Day 1: 46
  • Day 36: 70

Power Jacks

    • Day 1: 33
  • Day 36: 56

Power Knees

    • Day 1: 78
  • Day 36: 90

Power Jumps

    • Day 1: 15
  • Day 36: 34

Globe Jumps

    • Day 1: 10
  • Day 36: 11

Suicide Jumps

    • Day 1: 7
  • Day 36: 13

Push-Up Jacks

    • Day 1: 10
  • Day 36: 19

Low Plank Oblique

    • Day 1: 32 (I donโ€™t think this was right tbh)
  • Day 36: 28

If you missed the results from my 2nd fit test,you can see them here)

Happy Shredding


Hey again

Well WordPress, long time no talk. It’s been a bit over a year and a half since I last posted and I regret that decision every day. Well, I’ve decided to start blogging, hoping to regain all my past followers and gain some new ones, hoping to make my blog as successful as it once was.

Since it’s been such a long time since we’ve been apart, let me tell you all what you’ve missed in my not so glorious life

  1. I turned 17. Woot.
  2. I’m halfway through my senior year of high school
  3. I haven’t committed to a college yet but my number 1 choice is San Diego State University
  4. My 2 turtles were released into the wild, well the pond behind my mom’s work. So I know they’ll be kept fed and alive.
  5. I finished my golf career in October, will a spectacular performance at Conference and a pitiful one at Regionals
  6. I stopped being friends with my best friend
  7. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and a binge eating disorder
  8. My parents think working out will fix all my problems
  9. I didn’t back out of yearbook senior year even though that, US History, and my mom have sparked most of my problems
  10. I learned I cannot bake (I forgot the flour….twice)
  11. I got my first C in a class
  12. I joined my schools water polo team; my knee was happy about that
  13. I began nannying 2 twin 5-year olds 4 days a week
  14. went to prom solo
  15. didn’t go to senior homecoming because why not?
  16. went to Kentucky with my whole family for a week for some R&R
  17. became my schools Executive Board Treasurer
  18. Met Claes Nobel
  19. Met and spoke with Tina Meier
  20. reconnected with old friends
  21. met new friends
  22. Started my last semester as a high-schooler
  23. Applied to 16 colleges (accepted into 10, waiting on 6)

Well, that’s been my life for the past year and a half

Oh might I add that I’m not about 180 lbs and not nearly as healthy or happy as I want to be so I desperately need good vibes and support as I finish out my senior year as I plan on the next 4 years of my life.

Happy Shredding

Alicia ๐Ÿ™‚


PS Let me know if you saw this with a like or comment so I know I still have followers who exist still Thanks!

Happy One year

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 5.33.43 PM

Well, I’ve been planning this day for a while now, today marks the one year anniversary that I created this blog and posted my first post about how I wanted to lose weight, Well, where have this blog and I been?

Well, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’ve been on crutches, hyper extended my knee, spent three days in the hospital, started sophomore year, had a great season of golf, made the basketball team, completed the basketball season, realized that badminton wasn’t for me, and made endless attempts at posting daily and here we are, a year later with over 100 posts, over 400 followers, and so much support from all of you out there that makes me want to keep going. If I do say so, myself, that’s been a great year.

Now, even through all of the friendships and memories I’ve made on this blog, the outcome isn’t what I pictured. Before I hurt my knee, I thought I’d be 140 pounds at the end of summer, but I was 20 over, I thought I’d be slim and rocking that skin-tight dress to my dances, but it didn’t turn out that way. So, what I’ve decided to do is start over, from square one, and see if this summer can be even more successful than last, I started p90x today and I am very excited to get my butt kicked in the next 90 days, however, this blog carries baggage that I don’t want to deal with, so I am making a new blog,ย  I have yet to post or design anything yet, so it’s very barren, but I will get to posting ASAP. I want to not only talk about what I ate and random school updates, but also recipes, other workouts, and other random stuff that comes to mind.

So, it’s been an absolute joy with his blog, and this year has been marvelous.

So once more

Happy Shredding

Alicia ๐Ÿ™‚

May 10th.

Well, today is May 10th, and a lot of stuff happened and I haven’t talked about it, Anywho,

  • I’m on level 2 of the 30DS, today is day 16, I believe.
  • School is done in exactly 2 weeks. YAY!
  • The ship date for the yearbook is tomorrow.
  • Distribution is Next Thursday and Saturday.
  • AP Test is Thursday…. I’m nervous
  • My birthday is in a month and two days. AHHH 16!
  • I’m going out to dinner con las amigas tonight.
  • I need a new belt, it’s huge
  • Jillian Michaels is a serious ass-whooper. Level 2 is still killing me and today was day 5.

That’s my news,

Day 17- Do you have an eating disorder?

No. I don’t. But I hate people who make fun of those with eating disorders. It is a mental illness, nothing under their control. That’s why “Just eat a burger” doesn’t work.


Happy Shredding

Alicia ๐Ÿ™‚


The gods are not on my side.

Well. It seems as if every time I really get on track and make it far with the 30 Day Shred, something has to come in he way of my plans. In my last post, I mentioned my stomach bothering me and how I may or may not be lactose intolerant but let’s not talk about that, So, I had food poisoning, and then I missed three days of the 30DS even though I said they would happen. I figured I should not risk feeling sick for more days and when you can’t stand up without writhing in pain, something’s not right. We think I had food poisoning, but I don’t know. It wasn’t related to my cyst from my hospital visit in July, everyone though I was, but I’m sure it wasn’t… different pain in different places.

I really think that the workout ‘gods’ don’t ever wantย  me to complete the 30 day Shred. Why? Everytime I get far, like one week or more, something happens and I have to restart. I only missed three days so I started last Thursday and I will complete it (or so we hope) by May 24th, my last day of school. I’m on day 9 already, which by stating this, makes me realize how long ago, I made my lastย  post., Darn, Anyway, I’ll just pick up with the day I left off on for the 30 Days of weight loss challenge and I will be starting a new squat challenge tomorrow, I’m leaving for a party that gets over at 10:30 in about 5 minutes so I’ll start it tomorrow. My knee hasn’t been bugging me so I will try to finish the challenge. Woot.

tumblr_mlxu2bkhkH1qi6obqo1_500 squat-challenge-011 gingermantra-may-2013-squat-challenge

Day 16- when did you first decide to lose weight?

Well, after 8th grade graduation. When a size 16 dress was snug and almost didn’t fit, after my doctor told me that my weight had skyrocketed. when I looked at pictures and my sister could barely wrap her arms around me, after I missed a day of school to avoid running, after I lost control of my weight and my eating habits, after my mom told me to ‘stop eating’ at a party, before I became me.


Well, you haven’t missed much in these past two weeks. I won junior class president. That’s really it. Yesterday was bring your child to work day at my school and on Thursday, we watched a birthing video in health. Children are adorable but having children doesn’t seem to fun. Anyway, I went to the cubs game yesterday with my mom, I ditched school, but whatever. It poured and poured but we stayed the whole game and the Cubs ended up losing by 1. IT happens. We were about six rows behind home plate. The tickets were amazing.

Picture I took
Picture I took

And that’s about it.


Happy Shredding

Alicia ๐Ÿ™‚