Hello December!!

Oh dear, I have much to tell you all. Get ready, get set, GO!


First off, Whoa, it’s December. Woot! T-minus 16 days until Christmas. Woot!

  • I started the No Junk Food Challenge again
  • I started the Christmas Squat Challenge!
  • I got my school and basketball pictures back. What a fox I am… 🙂

Well December 1st

First this post is going to be a quickie because I’m going out to dinner and such con los abuelos. Bien

Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: salami and cheese sandwich

Snack: applesauce, grapes,

Dinner: beef stew and some rutabagas

Total calories: 1100

December 2nd

Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: half grilled chicken caesar salad, half frontega chicken panini on focaccia- Panera

Dinner: .5 cup asparagus, chicken breast, .5 cup broccoli

Exercise: walking approx 30 minutes

Total calories: 1150

December 3rd

Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: orange, apple, yogurt, applesauce

Snack: carrots, pretzels bagel crisps

Dinner: rutabaga ,25 cup, beef and rice

Total calories: 1425

December 4th

Breakfast: cereal and an apple

Lunch:salami and cheese sandwich, apple, yogurt, applesauce

Snack: pretzels apple

Dinner: blackberries, yogurt, orange, chicken

Total calories: 1423

December 5th


Lunch: sandwich, applesauce, yogurt, apple, orange

Snack: celery


Total calories: 1100

December 6th

Breakfast: cereal

Lunch:sandwich, applesauce, yogurt, apple,

Snack: bagel crisps

Dinner: Panini

Total calories: 1533

December 7th

Breakfast: cereal

Lunch:applesauce, yogurt, apple, orange, salad

Snack: strawberry banana smoothie

Dinner: 4 cheese pasta, mashed potatoes

Exercise: about four hours of walking

Total calories: 1745 but I burned a bit off….. still…. oops….

December 8th

Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: yogurt and some sourdough bread

Snack: popcorn

Dinner: hotdog and ketchup

Total calories: 1405

December 9th

Breakfast: cereal and orange juice

Lunch: orange, applesauce, bagel thins,

Snack: strawberry fro-yo

Dinner: chicken kabobs and risotto

Total Calories: 1430


Sorry i haven’t been posting. I have finals coming up (wish me luck) and basketball, and getting ready to play tomorrow, and homework and Christmas present shopping, and just other un stuff. My grade in economics is an 89%. One more homework assignment and I have an A-. hallelujah!!!!!


Well, off to squat

Happy Shredding!!

Alicia 🙂

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P.S. This is the XMAS Squat Challenge that I am doing!




November 28th-30th

Hello again. Some fun stuff has happened in the past few days, or well sort of fun. Not really, whatever. My week was pretty chill except for Thursday bu I’ll get to that later.

Well I woke up on Wednesday and had some toast. Toast is fun. I went to school. I honestly don’t remember school but  I had a sandwich, an apple, yogurt, and applesauce for lunch. Then for dinner I had half of an Asiago roast beef sandwich from panera. Fun

I had a total of 1262 calories. Woot.

Thursday the 29th

Well, I would have posted on the 29th, if I wasn’t at school for 13 hours. Yes, Well I woke up and some toast. I went to school and in my morning classes I didn’t accumulate any homework, hank god. For lunch I had the other half of my Asiago roast beef sandwich, a yogurt, an apple. applesauce, and chips. Then I went to all of my other classes and only had to study for one quiz, which I didn’t do… OOPS!

After school I edited yearbook spreads until 9 which was fun, just kidding. We didn’t even finish everything we wanted to. We could have stayed until 3 in the morning and probably not finished. Anyway, let’s continue. For dinner we ordered wings, pizza, and mozzarella sticks. It was great/ We had a big party and we worked for 5ish hours.

I had a total of 1543 calories/ Not bad, but it could be better. 🙂

And Friday the 30th

I can’t believe that November is already over, It was over so fast.

Anyway, for breakfast, I had some toast and nutella. That is fun. And I went to school

School was school, boring except for lunch. I had some chips, an apple, a granola bar, and a yogurt. And then I finished school. I went to practice. I want to come back to playing very badly, soon is all I hope… but how soon?

When  I got home from practice,. I had some wings that I took home from thursday night. And a granola bar.There was my day.

I had a total of 1562 calories. Ok ,I guess


Happy Shredding!

Alicia 🙂

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November 27th

6 post in three days, be proud of me, be proud. 🙂

Well, anyway, let’s begin, shall we?

Well, woke up, ate some toast and nutella and went to school. School was the same as yesterday but not as eventful. i ended up choosing Religion vs. State, media, and Society.

After my morning classes and my 49.5/55 on my math test, it was lunch time. I had an apple, applesauce, yogurt, and a granola bar.

In chemistry, we learned about sexting and cyber-bullying. It was weird. I learned that computer ganstas are real things and that sextortion is a word.  Fun

After school, I went to a meeting about the Salvation army belll ringing that the club I am in does every year. Yep, fun.

And then i went to my game. We won 48-32. 16 turnovers later…. it was bad.

Oh, and i dressed up today. I wore a sweater and skirt and tights and everyone said I looked cute. It was great. The whole team dressed up. Fun.

anyway, then I came home and had pizza for dinner. 🙂

I  had a total of 1452 calories

Pretty Good day

Happy Shredding




November 26th

Wow, I am proud. I have made like 4 posts in two days. it’s great. So, well, where do I begin? Well,let’s go on an adventure to 6 o’clock this morning…

So, I woke up at 6, I knew it would be a pretty good day, my hair looked good, I was happy, and for being a Monday, it didn’t seem like it would suck.

I had toast with nutella for breakfast, I haven’t had toast in a while so I decided to make my toaster work.  I then went to school.

In english, we were assigned a project which you can read/help me with here and yeah.

In spanish we have to memorize this poem for our final in three weeks. flkxbsKn… finals, three weeks, dreading them..

Anyway this is the poem…
La araña
Por Enrique Anderson Imbert
Sentía algo en mi mano, miré y era una araña.
Fui a decirle:

-¿qué haces aquí?
Pero la araña se me adelantó y me dijo:

-¿qué haces aquí?
Entonces fui a decirle: “No quisiera molestarte, pero este es mi mundo, y debes irte”

Otra vez la araña se me adelantó y dijo:
-No quisiera molestarte, pero este es mi mundo y debes irte.

Comprendí que así era imposible dialogar. Le dejé la mano y me fui.


That’s the poem… it’s in spanish obviously, hence spanish class, and I have three weeks to memorize it. Joy.

anyway, after Spanish, in yearbook, the editors and I were told that on Thursday, we would be staying at school until 9 at night! to finishing editing all the spreads…. Joy… Joy…. shoot me now…

In geometry, nothing really happened. the boy I like, well, he told me that for english he is doing women’s rights because “It;s disgusting how it’s 2012 and women don’t have the same rights as men.” I wanted to hug him, this is so true.

After that glorious moment, I went to lunch. For lunch I had an apple, applesauce, a granola bar, and some yogurt…. slDFbhjlkfsb OH! Also, why today was a good day was because my friend made me scones. I was in heaven. I told her about my stomach issues last week and she said that she would make me scones and she did. it was fantastic. 🙂 So I had 2

Gym was okay.We worked out and I had to do a 5 minute jog and it wasn’t too bad, so I was up for basketball.

During micro, we were told that another ‘Super Review’ would be held next Tuesday from 7-9. Woot. I’m pumped, ont really.

And finally, to end my day on a low note, a C+ on my Chem test. It was okay. I was disappointed but whatever. And now we are learning about ions and we have a quiz on Thursday with like a bazillion of them…. Flash cards here I come…

After school, I suited up, taped my knee, and was ready to go. About five minutes into practice, my stomach was killing me, so I didn’t participate in practice anymore… I went all out though for those 5 minutes… It was great. yeah, so no playing in the game tomorrow. MOM!! Make me a doctor’s appointment. God..

Anyway, so after I came home and had dinner. We had mashed potatoes and chicken. Woot.

And now, here I am doing ‘homework’ and blogging. What a good day.

I had a total of 1482 calories.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

Inspiration for School Presentation!

Ahh, So I am in need of help.

For school, we are doing this semester long project where we choose an issue/crisis  that speaks to us and we try to get involved with it. Thing is, I was going to do Women’s rights but my friend is doing that, so I’m not going to do that. Well, I have these picked out so far

  1. Bankruptcy/ Poverty
  2. Freedom of Information
  3. Civil Rights
  4. Religious Freedom
  5. Workplace Equality
  6. Religion
  7. Hunger
  8. Ignorant Young People
  9. Nursing Home Abuse
  10. Homelessness
  11. Racism and Religion in School
  12. Pollution

If you could read this, email or comment below and let me know what you would do/ think of my ideas. I can be reached at girlsjustwannabehealthy@gmail.com Woot, thanks. My post for today will be up in a bit, after I eat dinner. I have much to say, much to say. 🙂


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


Thanksgiving, My stomach, Blah, Blah, Blah ctd.

In my last post I talked about two weeks ago and I wanted to talk about this past week, but it got too long and such, yeah. So, this past week sucked. Like really bad. I was couch-ridden for the gist of it, and wasn’t allowed to stand unless I was going to the bathroom or moving from couch to bed or vice versa. Anyway, this all started Sunday night. A small pain in my abdomen. It was worse than in July. I completely had to stop moving for it to go away. It had been two weeks since my last menstrual cycle, just as before. I said I was fine and went to bed.

Th next morning, Monday November 19th, I woke up, cheerful as always on a Monday, haha just kidding,  and went on with my day. For breakfast I had some pineapple and one pop tart. At school, my stomach was fine through the first half of my day and even through lunch. For lunch I had some chips, a pear, an apple, a granola bar, and some applesauce. it didn’t hurt the rest of the day either. I went to practice, as I would normally have. and when I got home, I was dandy, just dandy. It was only until after dinner (which consisted of homemade cheese pizza) that my stomach began to hurt. I was doing homework when I went to get some water, and i felt a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen. It hurt, like hell. So, I took some aspirin, finished my homework, and went to bed.

I had a total of 1453 calories


Tuesday, November 20th

So, once again I woke up and it was just a normal day for me.I had some chocolate and banana bread, hmmm the same food that caused my stomach to hurt last time, suspicious… and was off to school. Once again, my stomach was fine through lunch. My lunch was an apple, a pea, a granola bar, some applesauce, and some chips. And even into gym. After gm, on the other hand, was when it bothered me more than it was already. yes, I was in pain all day, but it was bearable. After gym, it was troubling to walk, we may have just done sit-ups for 5 straight minutes bu that’s okay… Anyway, I was in pain for the rest of school, and it hurt so much, I called my mom so she could talk to my coach, and I didn’t practice, so I sat on my couch like a,lump for the rest of the day. It was terrible. For dinner I had leftover pizza and a pear.

I had a total of 1400 calories


November 21st,

Well, what can I say. This day was anything but exciting. I was forbidden to leave my couch other than to go to the bathroom. I had a basketball game, but didn’t go because, well what I said prior. I didn’t leave the couch for more  than five minutes at a time.

Breakfast: pear, four hard-boiled eggs

Lunch: yogurt, banana chocolate bread

Snack: Gold Peak Iced tea

Dinner: chicken taco thing minus the taco part, so chicken, cheese, and sour cream.

Total Calories: 1239


November 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving!

To be honest I am pretty proud with the food I ate, well there wasn’t surprisingly much. 🙂

Anyway, every Thanksgiving i go to my aunt’s house with my mom, dad, and sister, and we spend the day there. She lives about an hour away so we like to leave at 10:30 or 11:00 and get there by noon.

So, when I woke up, I had a donut and come more of that banana chocolate bread. that was the last of the bread and good riddance, I’m sick of writing it. :). Anyway, my stomach wasn’t in terrible condition, so I was allowed to go.  So, I got ready and endured that long, well not really, long drive to my aunt’s house.

When we arrived, the majority of the people who were coming, were there. And there weren’t as many as usual. Everyone was sick. Probably seven people stayed home because they were sick. It was rather depressing, but it was fine. While waiting for linner to begin, I had some chex mix.

And finally, linner was served. Lunch and dinner if you didn’t catch the drift. for linner I had some turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and a roll. Not as much as what as I would usually have, but that’ probably best.

After a while, dessert was served. i had a brownie and a small piece of pumpkin pie. Once again, not as much as normal, but still, better. :)And after that, I made my way into the living room for some football and a few M&M’s before  I left.
All in all, I am very proud of what I ate on Thanksgiving, and look forward to what I will eat on Christmas.

I had a total of  1543 calories. Not bad for a holiday. 🙂


Friday, November 23rd

woot, only three days left.

well, once again I was a lump and sat on the couch. But, my team had a basketball game, obviously, don’t really know why I said basketball ,but whatever, so I went. Everyone was happy I was there, and that I wasn’t dead. Everyone had questions and when I was coming back and other fun stuff. It’s great to know they cared. Anyway,  my dad an I talked to my coach and he was behind whatever decisions we made and when I would come back. Anyway, we won and it was great.

That’s about all I did.

Breakfast: yogurt, apple, oatmeal

Lunch: applesauce, grapes popcorn

Dinner: turkey sandwich, potatoes, pumpkin pie

Snack: brownie

Total Calories: 1050


Saturday the 24th:

Well, pskldgji®∑gnkghjfdk kdjvksjokvjskoegj before I forget, yesterday was amazing!!!! Okay, so the guy I like right…. yeah, the one who was like “Great game Alicia.” well he was at the game yesterday and he said hey and waved. It was fantastic. I smiled and eve back, like in Madagascar. it was splendid. Anyway, yeah, Saturday. 🙂

Well, I woke up and had a donut. A i cleaned my room, watched a movie, and then went to my next basketball game, We had a Thanksgiving tournament. We ended up losing by 8 but it wa okay. The team was probably the hardest we will ever play, and we have beat everyone else we have versed. Anyway, so the boy was at the game again. He said, “Hey Alicia” when I left, it was great. absolutely great. He’s so nice, and cute and funny. zdsklghjkdasghsdjh and my dad approves. My dad being the comic he is was cracking jokes about the other team and he laughed at them. It was great. Anyway, after that I went to my sister’s basketball game and after that I had a turkey sandwich.

Later, my mom made waffles for dinner. And mexican hot chocolate to drink. It was overall a really great day. :0

I had a total of 1342 calories. :0


And finally, Sunday.

it was a pretty chill day. I stayed in my room and just listened to music, did homework, looked at my turtles.

Breakfast: oatmeal

Lunch: a brownie, and a yogurt

Dinner: .5 cheeseburger, mashed potatoes, chips and salsa

Snack: applesauce and a granola bar

Total Calories: 1456


That was my week. I hope to be posting tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.


Happy Shredding



Thanksgiving, my stomach, blah blah blah.

Well, I’ve said it before, why not say it again. I have sucked on posting, but I have my reasons.

  1. Busy
  2. School
  3. Finals are approaching
  4. I have another blog to maintain.
  5. trying to get a boyfriend. 🙂
  6. my stomach…
  7. Thanksgiving,
  8. spending time con la familia
  9. chilling out on this lovely break which ends today
  10. Darn.
  11. I really enjoy list making.
  12. You all should too.
  13. It looks so official
  14. 🙂 I’m done.

Anyway, yes. these are my reasons. And I shall elaborate on them now…

1. I am busy

I am a teenage girl and with sports, school, and trying to find time for friends gets to be a bit hectic.

2. School

Like I said earlier, I can barely fir time in for school, wink wink my college class sucks, and all my honors classes. Darn.

3. Finals are approaching
Not like I am studying for them yet, just thought about them for a reason for no posts on the near future

4. I have another blog to maintain,

Yep, I do. You all do/will not learn about it, unless you already do, but you don’t know it’s me. Whoa, I’m cool, with all my blogs.

5. I’m trying to get a boyfriend

Again, not really a reason for not posting, just thought you all would like to know. 🙂

6. My stomach

Nope, I didn’t put on some pounds over this week, or at least I don’t think so. If you can recall way back when, err umm July, when I  had that cyst in my abdomen, well that little asswad decided to return. I’ll continue talking about it when I look back on these past 12 days

7. Thanksgiving

Not really a reason, except for the fact that on Thanksgiving, when I got back to my house, I fell asleep, even though I had planned on posting.

8. Spending time con la familia
I’ve been spending a lot of time with my parents and friends recently, it’s been nice.

9. Chilling out on this lovely break which ends today.

Well, there were many points when I was going to write, but, alas, I was too lazy to type. That’s embarrassing

10-14. These all made no sense but I wanted to continue with my list. 🙂

My food consumption. 🙂

Well, for the holiday season making its way into our lives, I haven’t over consumed, which is probably  definitely a good thing.


November 14th

breakfast: cereal

lunch: apple, yogurt, granola bar, chips, applesauce

dinner: lasagna and garlic bread

snack: granola bar

exercise: basketball 1.5 hrs

Calories: 1450


November 15th

Breakfast: yogurt and apple

lunch: yogurt, apple, granola bar, applesauce

Dinner: pork chops, broccoli

Snack: granola bar x2

Exercise: basketball 1.5 hrs

Total calories: 1543


November 16th

Breakfast: yogurt, granola bar

lunch: chips, granola bar, applesauce, yogurt

Dinner: tacos, cookie bar

Snack: granola bar

Exercise: basketball 1 hr

Total calories: 1660


November 17th

Breakfast:   oatmeal

lunch: 4 munchkins, pears, pineapple, applesauce

Dinner: chicken breast, rutabega, risotto,

Exercise: Basketball 1 hr

Total calories: 1454


November 18th

Breakfast: cinnamon rolls

lunch: yogurt, applesauce

Dinner: lasagna, beans,, garlic bread

Snack: chocolate cake

Total calories: 1750… OOPS


Well, this post is getting very long, So I will write a new one, explaining my stomach situation and this past week. So, all of my non posting nonsense comes in to play particularly in the next post I will begin, after dinner.

Happy Shredding