2012 in a Nut Shell


Well, here we go again. I haven’t posted in almost 20 days. I would like to say I’ve kept on track, but in all reality, I haven’t. Because my cyst appeared again, I was put of basketball, gym, and I had to rely on eating healthy to shed some weight. Which I did, but Christmas was three days ago and from the 22nd until yesterday, I kind of ate and ate. It wasn’t a lot of eating, just not healthy eating. I mentioned in my last post about how I was doing the No Junk Food Challenge, which I completed, and the Xmas squat challenge, which I stopped doing after day 5, because of long days, stress from finals, and I’m just a slacker. But, I am proud of what I have accomplished.

This year

  • I completed the No Junk Food Challenge 5 times
  • I got over my knee
  • I made 21 days on the 30 Day Shred
  • I got a B+ on my micro final
  • I lost 20 pounds since June (yep I’m at 160)
  • I have been eating healthy
  • I am enjoying exercise
  • I have created a blog
  • I have accumulated over 150 followers on this blog
  • I have written 81 posts
  • I have begun to like my body

I could go on, but I’ve realized that getting off track is easy, but getting back on track, while difficult, is a great decision. So, by this time next year, I hope to be on track, healthy, happy, and at my goal weight of 140 lbs or less. Let’s do it,

let’s take a look on these past 20 days

Well, I got back to playing basketball last Saturday, I played on Wednesday, we won. We lost on Thursday. Damn, We have another game today, wish us luck. 🙂 I got all A’s in school minus micro with a B+, that’s okay. I have started seeing definition in my arms, I don’t know what from, but I like it. I got an ultra sound from my stomach last week and it seemed all good, so I went to the OBGYN and he put me on a birth control pill to “relax the ovaries.” That is all, ovary relaxing, nothing else. I got stuff for Christmas! Whoa, I know. I got a new camera. a camera case, I desk calendar, some Micro and Macro economics books, a sweater, a sweatshirt, money, pajamas, etc. It was a good Christmas, and on Sunday, I go to another Christmas party and I think tomorrow some of my friends and I are getting together and exchanging gifts then, so more to come. December, other than that, has been pretty boring, but that’s okay. My friend and I plan on going to the YMCA next week because we don’t have a lot of practices. So, that’ll be fun. That’s really all I have to say, So I talk to you all tonight or tomorrow. 🙂


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂





November 26th

Wow, I am proud. I have made like 4 posts in two days. it’s great. So, well, where do I begin? Well,let’s go on an adventure to 6 o’clock this morning…

So, I woke up at 6, I knew it would be a pretty good day, my hair looked good, I was happy, and for being a Monday, it didn’t seem like it would suck.

I had toast with nutella for breakfast, I haven’t had toast in a while so I decided to make my toaster work.  I then went to school.

In english, we were assigned a project which you can read/help me with here and yeah.

In spanish we have to memorize this poem for our final in three weeks. flkxbsKn… finals, three weeks, dreading them..

Anyway this is the poem…
La araña
Por Enrique Anderson Imbert
Sentía algo en mi mano, miré y era una araña.
Fui a decirle:

-¿qué haces aquí?
Pero la araña se me adelantó y me dijo:

-¿qué haces aquí?
Entonces fui a decirle: “No quisiera molestarte, pero este es mi mundo, y debes irte”

Otra vez la araña se me adelantó y dijo:
-No quisiera molestarte, pero este es mi mundo y debes irte.

Comprendí que así era imposible dialogar. Le dejé la mano y me fui.


That’s the poem… it’s in spanish obviously, hence spanish class, and I have three weeks to memorize it. Joy.

anyway, after Spanish, in yearbook, the editors and I were told that on Thursday, we would be staying at school until 9 at night! to finishing editing all the spreads…. Joy… Joy…. shoot me now…

In geometry, nothing really happened. the boy I like, well, he told me that for english he is doing women’s rights because “It;s disgusting how it’s 2012 and women don’t have the same rights as men.” I wanted to hug him, this is so true.

After that glorious moment, I went to lunch. For lunch I had an apple, applesauce, a granola bar, and some yogurt…. slDFbhjlkfsb OH! Also, why today was a good day was because my friend made me scones. I was in heaven. I told her about my stomach issues last week and she said that she would make me scones and she did. it was fantastic. 🙂 So I had 2

Gym was okay.We worked out and I had to do a 5 minute jog and it wasn’t too bad, so I was up for basketball.

During micro, we were told that another ‘Super Review’ would be held next Tuesday from 7-9. Woot. I’m pumped, ont really.

And finally, to end my day on a low note, a C+ on my Chem test. It was okay. I was disappointed but whatever. And now we are learning about ions and we have a quiz on Thursday with like a bazillion of them…. Flash cards here I come…

After school, I suited up, taped my knee, and was ready to go. About five minutes into practice, my stomach was killing me, so I didn’t participate in practice anymore… I went all out though for those 5 minutes… It was great. yeah, so no playing in the game tomorrow. MOM!! Make me a doctor’s appointment. God..

Anyway, so after I came home and had dinner. We had mashed potatoes and chicken. Woot.

And now, here I am doing ‘homework’ and blogging. What a good day.

I had a total of 1482 calories.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

November 13th

AHHHHHHH! Three days in a row! This makes me happy. 🙂


Anyway, I woke up this morning and had a donut for breakfast, along with some strawberries. I then showered and got ready or school. I went to school, and in english we read Unwind, I have 70 pages to go. I recommend you read it. Good book, good good book. Anyway, in Spanish I had a test. In yearbook I am creating the ‘senior ads’ (those are basically where the parents of seniors send in pictures and text they want displayed about or to their child in the yearbook.) I had to send 18 emails to all of the parents of the ads I was assigned. I have one left. It’s hard work. After that, I get to start creating them. Yay. Then, in geometry I had a test. That was okay. There were 2 problems I wasn’t 100% sure on. but, I know I’ll do fine. after that was lunch. I had some yogurt, applesauce, a granola bar and an apple. we didn’t ave any bread so no sandwich for me.

After lunch, was gym. We did kick-boxing and it’s really fun. I want to take some kickboxing classes or something because I really enjoy it and  I would like to get better. After that, I had the third and final test of the day, microeconomics. Let’s pretend I did good, k? Anyway, I have part 2 of that test tomorrow, so, wish me luck. And finally, after economics I had Chemistry. we learned something new, or at least it was taught, poorly. I hope my teacher explains it better tomorrow.

After school, I stayed at school until about 4:30 with my friends because I had no practice and yeah. So, I had some of my friend’s chips after school. And I did my Chemistry homework with her.

When I got home, I had a few of these mint chocolate penguin things that my sister sold for girl scouts. I was on tumblr and Facebook and did everything but my homework. Oops.

and then I made dinner for my sister and I because my parents weren’t home and they sill are. I made chicken and rice. And after that, we had a few more chocolate penguins. And there was my day.


sadkjhgdwjhasighewihfiu Oh goodness. Okay, so there is this guy I like right? Anyway, he has a girlfriend.. but he was at my basketball game last night and I saw him today after school and he was like, “great game last night Alicia.” skdjgakwbafjifjibsijnfbsuj 🙂 🙂 :):):):):):) Oh goodness it was splendid. I was like ‘Thanks” but in my head I was like


It was great! Anyway, yeah that was my day. 🙂

I had a total of 1453 calories


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

October, my month

So, October is my month. It is the last month before basketball and I want to lose 5 pounds this month or more. I want to be in the 150s by October 31st. I am going to be 110% committed to doing the 30 Day Shred and doing whatever else I have to in order to succeed. I have slacked and I realize hat just eating healthy won’t get me to the body I want in the time I want, so here I am, taking a stab at exercise and my life again. Let’s do it.

Now, I must admit, that this epiphany occurred at about 6:30 this morning. So, I took some measurements of myself. I will be creating anew page that is just for October that will be posted within the day or two of these measurements, my daily exercise, etc.

Anyway, I woke up and had some cereal. And then i went to school. This week is homecoming week, and yes, there will be a picture of me in my dress on Saturday, don’t worry, Anyway, we have a spirit week and today was super hero day. You couldn’t have paid me to dress up in some of the things that kids did. Full on Spiderman, superman, and Captain America is a little overboard, Just saying. anyway, for lunch, I had a sandwich, applesauce, and some peanut butter crackers. We have a lack of food in my house. Darn. Anyway, in gym we did a stability ball workout. It is much easier in shorts than in yoga pants, to say the last. After school, I had to take my econ test which I missed on Thursday from golf. I got a 24/25. the best I have done on a test this year. Woo fricking HOO! then I had some pistachios and I came home, ate some chicken and a brownie for dinner and then started blogging, which I have been doing for quite sometime. I didn’t feel like doing homework, so I didn’t. Whoops. And yes, that was my day. 🙂 🙂
I had a total of 1400 calories.


Hope you all have a good day


Happy Shredding’


September 17th

hello world! So, today was a great day. Why? Not sure. I have been so happy ever since school started and most people have been the exact opposite. Every day my friends will ask me,”Are you happy again today” As if my beaming smile didn’t already tell them. I enjoy being happy and brightening people’s days, it’s just what I do.

Anyway, I woke up at 5:30 and had some cereal. I measured out the proper portion size and ate that. it was more than I ate in the first place. 3/4 cup of Honey Bunches of Oats is quite a lot. Anyway, then I went to school. At school, in English class, we are blogging. We created our own blogs and I was like, “!!! I know all about blogging!!!!” Or, well, my teacher calls it blerging. He is unique.  Anyway, that was fun. Then, in yearbook, because I am design editor, I have to teach the ‘youngins’ all about the editing program we use. I am not sure why my friend and I call the class the youngins, because, well, I am on of, if not the youngest in the class. Oh well… Anyway. I was like, “Woot can’t wait. I should just take over the class. ”

But no. Then I had lunch. We are experiencing a food deprivation in my house, So I had a turkey and cheese sandwich, carrots, and some applesauce. My friend gave me some of her twix bar. It was delicious. I haven’t had a twix in forever!

After lunch I went to gym. Monday is resistance training. Oh my god. We did, tricep dips, up downs, push ups, angle push ups, the stairs outside at our football stadium TWICE, and a bunch of other fun things. My face was red…

Now, this is what I don’t understand. My face turns beet red when I work out at school, which I found out here is normal ( I don’t sweat at school), but when I do things like the 30 Day shred, it doesn’t but I sweat a lot. .  Anyone know why? If so, please tell me.

Anyways, after school, I had to stay and work for my TV program at school. And then I came home. It was 6 and since we had no food, my dad ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut and it was good. Woot. And then I did all of my homework. The end. 🙂
I had a total of 1320 calories.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

P.S. My friend told me I looked good today

After that, I went to

September 14th

Friday! I love Friday. what a fun time.

But, not when you get up at 5:30 and don’t have to be at school until 7:30, but whatever. I feel like getting up earlier makes me happier later in the day. Anyway, for breakfast I had some cereal, what fun, and a lemonade vitamin water Zero.

Then, I went to school. During Spanish (2nd period), kids sign up to bring treats on Fridays. Today, we had this Mexican sweet bread, quite good, quite good.

Then, not really relevant, but I completed my first interview for the yearbook. Went well, if i do say so myself. Then, I had my math test,  I got 1.5 wrong. Poop. Well, that’s okay. Still an A.

After math, i went to lunch. I had a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple, a plum, and some applesauce.

Then, I had gym and we did yoga, and then, I finished my school day. I then had golf practice, which I learned how to hit a golf ball. Shocker right!? well, yes. My coach kept saying he was jesus because he perfected my golf swing. Hopefully it stick with me during my matches on Tuesday, Wednesday, ad Thursday. when I got home, I did some of my homework (I should be finishing it now, but I decided to blog instead) and had some cheese and crackers.

A while later, I did the 30 day Shred. Refreshing. I then had some applesauce, and went to bed.

I  had a total of 1450 calories.

Happy Shredding,

Alicia 🙂


hoy es jueves, el 13 de septiembre.

That would mean, today is Thursday, the 13th of September. Yes, just felt like speaking in Spanish. If I really wanted to, I could make an entire post in Spanish, but then,, ummmm… yeah, you all couldn’t read it. So, I shan’t do it. 🙂

Anyway, I woke up at 5:30 because I had to be at school by 7:15. Now, note that Thursday is late start, which means we start at 8:40 instead of 8. So, I had some cereal and showered and my friend and I went to school. We got there at 7:25 and we were supposed to be painting murals for Homecoming, but NO ONE WAS THERE!!!!! I was utterly pissed off and so was my friend. I lost 1 hour of sleep and plus, we couldn’t do anything, so we sat by our lockers for about an hour. It sucked. Well, anyway, my friend made me this muffin so I ate it. DUH!

Then. school started and everything was going fine until math. We have a test tomorrow and I am really good at everything in the class. So, it’s hard for me to understand how people don’t understand the easy questions.  Whatever. Whatever happens, happens.

Then lunch came. Woot. I had a sandwich, a plum, an apple, some yogurt and applesauce. We did Pilates in P.E. today.

I walked home and it was freeeeeezing. I almost froze. Well, not really. It was only 30 minutes. Then I got home, did my homework, and had some applesauce.  And after, I did the 30 Day Shred.

Then, I had a hot dog, and some fries. I didn’t want it, but I needed to eat.

anyway, I had a total of 1434 calories. 🙂

Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂