Happy One year

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Well, I’ve been planning this day for a while now, today marks the one year anniversary that I created this blog and posted my first post about how I wanted to lose weight, Well, where have this blog and I been?

Well, I’ve lost 20 pounds, I’ve been on crutches, hyper extended my knee, spent three days in the hospital, started sophomore year, had a great season of golf, made the basketball team, completed the basketball season, realized that badminton wasn’t for me, and made endless attempts at posting daily and here we are, a year later with over 100 posts, over 400 followers, and so much support from all of you out there that makes me want to keep going. If I do say so, myself, that’s been a great year.

Now, even through all of the friendships and memories I’ve made on this blog, the outcome isn’t what I pictured. Before I hurt my knee, I thought I’d be 140 pounds at the end of summer, but I was 20 over, I thought I’d be slim and rocking that skin-tight dress to my dances, but it didn’t turn out that way. So, what I’ve decided to do is start over, from square one, and see if this summer can be even more successful than last, I started p90x today and I am very excited to get my butt kicked in the next 90 days, however, this blog carries baggage that I don’t want to deal with, so I am making a new blog,  I have yet to post or design anything yet, so it’s very barren, but I will get to posting ASAP. I want to not only talk about what I ate and random school updates, but also recipes, other workouts, and other random stuff that comes to mind.

So, it’s been an absolute joy with his blog, and this year has been marvelous.

So once more

Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


Sick and random update

Hello all. Well, I’m sick. That’s fun. So, for exercise, I’ve done nothing all weekend. Unless you count hauling cases of girl scout cookies from a trailer into ungrateful mother’s cars exercise, well I do, and that’s most likely what got me sick. I’m sore and so I must’ve done something.

So, I’d say how my week was and what I’ve been eating and how much I’ve lost and blah blah, but I’ll just have my weekly or *cough* monthly update post for you all.

  • Basketball is over. I was going to start the 30DS on Friday but then I was going to give myself a one day break and then I got sick…
  • I’m going to read the bible. It’s my unofficial New Year’s resolution
  • I’m going to ask a guy to Turnabout. Or as some of you know it to be Sadie Hawkins.
  • I’m getting my dress next weekend, I hope to be a size 6 because my Homecoming dress was a size 8.
  • I found the most amazing thing  in the world. I found out how to create scarves out of shirts. Check it out here I’ve made like four…
  • Does any one else have a phobia of blowing their nose in public???? i do. People think I’m weird.
  • I have to write the ‘missing’ chapter for Catcher in the Rye tonight. I may post it.
  • 13 in 13 what?? Oops.
  • I’m contemplating whether or not I want to play badminton or I just want to work out on my own. Pro con list???
  • I got a new watch. it’s white with little diamonds on it. Muy bonita.

That’s all. Well, off to do my english homework.

adios, Happy Shredding

Alicia 😛



there went January

Well, good gracious, there went 1/12 of 2013 and I think I had what? maybe 4 posts? Darn. I am just going to sum up my month bulleting things of course because that’s what I do

  1. I didn’t do the 30 Day Shred. I lost my remote control on the first, didn’t find it until the 10th and said screw it, I’ll wait until basketball is over.
  2. Our turnabout dance is March 16th (girl asks the guy)
  3. I’m going to ask someone (hoping that nerves don’t kick in).
  4. I had my interview for the leadership program.
  5. I wasn’t accepted into the leadership program. I know why, I’ll get to that later.
  6. I witnessed something I have never before witnessed at a basketball game.
  7. I made a shot in my game yesterday.
  8. I played about half of the game yesterday.
  9. I went to Gibson’s for my dad’s birthday last night. The Filet Mignon is to die for.
  10. I want one of those crumb scrapers from Gibson’s
  11. I watched ‘Easy A’ for the first time today.
  12. I went to the first badminton open gym today.
  13. I created my yearbook’s title page. It’s pretty awesome.
  14. My hair smells really good today.
  15. People annoy me. 🙂
  16. I really think that’s it, but just in case….. Oh, I didn’t eat too bad this month, I’ll weigh myself next weekend.
  17. Basketball ends on February 7th, 5 games and 6 practices. I’m not excited or anything.
  18. The end.

1. I didn’t do the 30 Day Shred. I lost my remote control on the first, didn’t find it until the 10th and said screw it, I’ll wait until basketball is over.

  • Well, in order to do the 30 Day Shred, you need the DVD remote. My dad lost the DVD remote and I wasn’t able to start the 30 Day Shred. I will start it when basketball finishes.

5. I wasn’t accepted into the leadership program. I know why, I’ll get to that later.

  • This is going to be difficult to explain but here we go.
  • Actually I’ll make a little table thing and post it.
  • If you take a look here, you will find that the first picked person is always blonde, for the boys the rest are all brunettes, and for the girls the two oldest grade have two blondes and this year doesn’t. Next year there will be one blonde girl again and then the next two years there will be two blonde girls, and the cycle repeats. i live in a blondist community and go to a blondist school…
  • Girls Picked #1 Picked #2 Alternate #1 Alternate #2
    Senior Blonde Brunette Blonde Brunette
    Junior Blonde Blonde Brunette Brunette
    Sophomore Blonde Brunette Brunette Brunette
    Boys Picked #1 Picked #2 Alternate #1 Alternate #2
    Senior Blonde Brunette Brunette Brunette
    Junior Blonde Brunette Brunette Brunette
    Sophomore Blonde Brunette Brunette Brunette

6. I witnessed something I have never before witnessed at a basketball game.

  • Basically last Saturday, we were at a pretty scummy school. Nut like racial, but there weren’t very sportsmanlike and they were talking smack and pulling our hair and stuff. WTF.
  • Anyway, about a minute or so before this happened, the ref told one girl that if anyone on white (the other team) said one more thing, it would be a technical foul. So, I fouled this girl, and she let out an annoyed moan because she thought the ref said she fouled, even though she didn’t. The ref have her a technical foul and I ended up shooting two free throws. I made the first one. Woot

10. I want one of those crumb scrapers from Gibson’s


15. People annoy me. 🙂

  • I thought about explaining but it really is self- explanatory. 🙂

There you have it. January in a nut shell. I have practice until 5:30 tomorrow, so I would like to post tomorrow night. Hasta la vista. 🙂

Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

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2012 in a Nut Shell


Well, here we go again. I haven’t posted in almost 20 days. I would like to say I’ve kept on track, but in all reality, I haven’t. Because my cyst appeared again, I was put of basketball, gym, and I had to rely on eating healthy to shed some weight. Which I did, but Christmas was three days ago and from the 22nd until yesterday, I kind of ate and ate. It wasn’t a lot of eating, just not healthy eating. I mentioned in my last post about how I was doing the No Junk Food Challenge, which I completed, and the Xmas squat challenge, which I stopped doing after day 5, because of long days, stress from finals, and I’m just a slacker. But, I am proud of what I have accomplished.

This year

  • I completed the No Junk Food Challenge 5 times
  • I got over my knee
  • I made 21 days on the 30 Day Shred
  • I got a B+ on my micro final
  • I lost 20 pounds since June (yep I’m at 160)
  • I have been eating healthy
  • I am enjoying exercise
  • I have created a blog
  • I have accumulated over 150 followers on this blog
  • I have written 81 posts
  • I have begun to like my body

I could go on, but I’ve realized that getting off track is easy, but getting back on track, while difficult, is a great decision. So, by this time next year, I hope to be on track, healthy, happy, and at my goal weight of 140 lbs or less. Let’s do it,

let’s take a look on these past 20 days

Well, I got back to playing basketball last Saturday, I played on Wednesday, we won. We lost on Thursday. Damn, We have another game today, wish us luck. 🙂 I got all A’s in school minus micro with a B+, that’s okay. I have started seeing definition in my arms, I don’t know what from, but I like it. I got an ultra sound from my stomach last week and it seemed all good, so I went to the OBGYN and he put me on a birth control pill to “relax the ovaries.” That is all, ovary relaxing, nothing else. I got stuff for Christmas! Whoa, I know. I got a new camera. a camera case, I desk calendar, some Micro and Macro economics books, a sweater, a sweatshirt, money, pajamas, etc. It was a good Christmas, and on Sunday, I go to another Christmas party and I think tomorrow some of my friends and I are getting together and exchanging gifts then, so more to come. December, other than that, has been pretty boring, but that’s okay. My friend and I plan on going to the YMCA next week because we don’t have a lot of practices. So, that’ll be fun. That’s really all I have to say, So I talk to you all tonight or tomorrow. 🙂


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂




November 28th-30th

Hello again. Some fun stuff has happened in the past few days, or well sort of fun. Not really, whatever. My week was pretty chill except for Thursday bu I’ll get to that later.

Well I woke up on Wednesday and had some toast. Toast is fun. I went to school. I honestly don’t remember school but  I had a sandwich, an apple, yogurt, and applesauce for lunch. Then for dinner I had half of an Asiago roast beef sandwich from panera. Fun

I had a total of 1262 calories. Woot.

Thursday the 29th

Well, I would have posted on the 29th, if I wasn’t at school for 13 hours. Yes, Well I woke up and some toast. I went to school and in my morning classes I didn’t accumulate any homework, hank god. For lunch I had the other half of my Asiago roast beef sandwich, a yogurt, an apple. applesauce, and chips. Then I went to all of my other classes and only had to study for one quiz, which I didn’t do… OOPS!

After school I edited yearbook spreads until 9 which was fun, just kidding. We didn’t even finish everything we wanted to. We could have stayed until 3 in the morning and probably not finished. Anyway, let’s continue. For dinner we ordered wings, pizza, and mozzarella sticks. It was great/ We had a big party and we worked for 5ish hours.

I had a total of 1543 calories/ Not bad, but it could be better. 🙂

And Friday the 30th

I can’t believe that November is already over, It was over so fast.

Anyway, for breakfast, I had some toast and nutella. That is fun. And I went to school

School was school, boring except for lunch. I had some chips, an apple, a granola bar, and a yogurt. And then I finished school. I went to practice. I want to come back to playing very badly, soon is all I hope… but how soon?

When  I got home from practice,. I had some wings that I took home from thursday night. And a granola bar.There was my day.

I had a total of 1562 calories. Ok ,I guess


Happy Shredding!

Alicia 🙂

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November 26th

Wow, I am proud. I have made like 4 posts in two days. it’s great. So, well, where do I begin? Well,let’s go on an adventure to 6 o’clock this morning…

So, I woke up at 6, I knew it would be a pretty good day, my hair looked good, I was happy, and for being a Monday, it didn’t seem like it would suck.

I had toast with nutella for breakfast, I haven’t had toast in a while so I decided to make my toaster work.  I then went to school.

In english, we were assigned a project which you can read/help me with here and yeah.

In spanish we have to memorize this poem for our final in three weeks. flkxbsKn… finals, three weeks, dreading them..

Anyway this is the poem…
La araña
Por Enrique Anderson Imbert
Sentía algo en mi mano, miré y era una araña.
Fui a decirle:

-¿qué haces aquí?
Pero la araña se me adelantó y me dijo:

-¿qué haces aquí?
Entonces fui a decirle: “No quisiera molestarte, pero este es mi mundo, y debes irte”

Otra vez la araña se me adelantó y dijo:
-No quisiera molestarte, pero este es mi mundo y debes irte.

Comprendí que así era imposible dialogar. Le dejé la mano y me fui.


That’s the poem… it’s in spanish obviously, hence spanish class, and I have three weeks to memorize it. Joy.

anyway, after Spanish, in yearbook, the editors and I were told that on Thursday, we would be staying at school until 9 at night! to finishing editing all the spreads…. Joy… Joy…. shoot me now…

In geometry, nothing really happened. the boy I like, well, he told me that for english he is doing women’s rights because “It;s disgusting how it’s 2012 and women don’t have the same rights as men.” I wanted to hug him, this is so true.

After that glorious moment, I went to lunch. For lunch I had an apple, applesauce, a granola bar, and some yogurt…. slDFbhjlkfsb OH! Also, why today was a good day was because my friend made me scones. I was in heaven. I told her about my stomach issues last week and she said that she would make me scones and she did. it was fantastic. 🙂 So I had 2

Gym was okay.We worked out and I had to do a 5 minute jog and it wasn’t too bad, so I was up for basketball.

During micro, we were told that another ‘Super Review’ would be held next Tuesday from 7-9. Woot. I’m pumped, ont really.

And finally, to end my day on a low note, a C+ on my Chem test. It was okay. I was disappointed but whatever. And now we are learning about ions and we have a quiz on Thursday with like a bazillion of them…. Flash cards here I come…

After school, I suited up, taped my knee, and was ready to go. About five minutes into practice, my stomach was killing me, so I didn’t participate in practice anymore… I went all out though for those 5 minutes… It was great. yeah, so no playing in the game tomorrow. MOM!! Make me a doctor’s appointment. God..

Anyway, so after I came home and had dinner. We had mashed potatoes and chicken. Woot.

And now, here I am doing ‘homework’ and blogging. What a good day.

I had a total of 1482 calories.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

November 12th

Well, this may seem a little strange to you all, but this is a 2nd consecutive day I have posted in quite a long time. I feel accomplished, I know. :). Anyhow, before I begin with my day I would like to thank all 146 of my great followers who have stuck with me throughout my weight loss journey. You have been here for all 70 posts and my rambles, you’ve witnessed me fall, and get back up and manage to lose 17 pounds. And hopefully more. Just thanks, I really appreciate all the support with my weight loss journey. 🙂
So, my day. I woke up at 5:45 this morning but laid in bed until about six. I happily arose from my slumber and had a donut for breakfast. Okay. That’s fine. After that I showered, packed my gym bag and went to school.
School was well, it was school. You win some, you lose some, right? But we did have a veterans day assembly during 2nd period And after that we had two veterans come into our classrooms and talk about their endeavors in the military they really were inspiring but they said that women should not be allowed in combat, a lite sexist, but whatever Anyway, during lunch I had. TV class and I was assigned a project where I have to create a movie trailer. Ideas anyone? I need an award winning idea guys, help please. 🙂 i had a mini quesadilla, chips, and a yogurt and then my day finished. I have three tests tomorrow which I should be studying for but who cares.
Anyway, acts school I had basketball pictures and then a game. We crushes he other team at home 56-21. Woot. I was very happy.
When I came home, I came home to A food less house. Poo. I managed to find some cold pizza which was somewhat okay I guess. And then my day was complete. 🙂
I had a total of 1435 calories. Not bad, not bad. 🙂

Well, Happy Shredding
Alicia 🙂