Happy Birthday to me

Good afternoon bloggers. look at me actually posting. Very proud of myself. Any who, I started the day off sort of right by waking up at 715 (natural thing that happens every year because I was born at 7:21 in the morning). I made myself a yummy breakfast quesadilla and checked my phone loving all of the tweets, texts, and instagram posts my friends were sending me. It’s a great feeling knowing that I have so many wonderful memories with so many people.

after that I was given a beautiful painting by my younger sister. She painted what Rapunzel always paints of herself watching the floating lanterns

this is the photo in the movie
this is the photo in the movie

It’s so beautiful and I’m very excited to put it in my dorm room.    I then got a knock on my door and it was an old lady carrying flowers addressed to me. I opened them up and inside was a beautiful bouquet of lilies, roses, peonies, and carnations and a note from my boyfriend. Major brownie points for picking all of my favorite flowers too.


Then I finished insanity Day 3, showered and will be heading out with friends a bit later.

So very thankful to be 18 and to have so many lovely people in my life.

Happy Shredding and Happy Birthday to me



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