3rd year anniversary

In case you all forgot who I was, it’s Alicia. I haven’t posted in a while and I recently hit my third year on wordpress. since my last post was a big update post, I would like to make another one.

I’m going to update you all on everything I talked about in my last post and maybe a few more things… I’m not all too sure yet

  1. I turned 17. Woot. Still 17. However my 18th birthday is tomorrow.
  2. I’m halfway through my senior year of high school. I finished high school on May 22nd
  3. I haven’t committed to a college yet but my number 1 choice is San Diego State University. I ended up committing to San Diego State University. Ready to be an Aztec!
  4. My 2 turtles were released into the wild, well the pond behind my mom’s work. So I know they’ll be kept fed and alive. The smaller of the two turtles my mom found dead about a month ago.
  5. I finished my golf career in October, will a spectacular performance at Conference and a pitiful one at Regionals. Not much to update here other than the fact that I’ve began my summer golf season with family and friends. And that I still burn just the same
  6. I stopped being friends with my best friend. She reported me for bullying 3 times during my senior year… I wasn’t actually bullying her,
  7. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and a binge eating disorder. Still coping with all three.
  8. My parents think working out will fix all my problems. My parents now think I have no problems.
  9. I didn’t back out of yearbook senior year even though that, US History, and my mom have sparked most of my problems. The yearbook turned out perfectly… because only my friend and I did it all… out of a 54 student staff.
  10. I learned I cannot bake (I forgot the flour….twice) I’m actually not terrible.
  11. I got my first C in a class. didn’t get one senior year shouts
  12. I joined my schools water polo team; my knee was happy about that. Didn’t play senior year because I wanted to continue nannying and make money for college.
  13. I began nannying 2 twin 5-year olds 4 days a week. They’re a handful
  14. went to prom solo. Didn’t go to prom solo this year.
  15. didn’t go to senior homecoming because why not?
  16. went to Kentucky with my whole family for a week for some R&R
  17. became my schools Executive Board Treasurer
  18. Met Claes Nobel
  19. Met and spoke with Tina Meier
  20. reconnected with old friends
  21. met new friends
  22. Started my last semester as a high-schooler
  23. Applied to 16 colleges (accepted into 10, waiting on 6) Accepted into 14

Alright so that’s been my life. I started insanity yesterday and I came to the realization that when I blog I lose weight however when I don’t blog I don’t lose weight. So, I am going to try to blog everyday. I received a new laptop for graduation so that should help with my blogging.

I would really enjoy some support during these next few months before college… I really want to make something of myself this summer and not go off to college unhappy in my skin. I’m very thankful that I still have over 200 followers even though I’ve posted once in the last two years. Thank you all for your continued support and I’ll make another post shortly describing day 1 and 2 of Insanity.

Happy Shredding


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