April Challenges Day 2

  1. 30 Day Shred- Completed
  2. 55 Squats- Complete
  3. No junk Food Challenge – Should have started today… Easter candy… we’re having an end of the year “We finished the yearbook” party either today or Thursday, then it shall start
  4. 30 Day Weight loss Challenge- How tall are you? Do you like your height? I’m 5 ‘7’. Well i do enjoy my height. I’ve always wanted to be a little taller, maybe two or three inches and then I’d be happy.

So, after stopping the No Junk Food Challenge after school, my fitness pal got mad at me Let’s not talk about it. Anyway,  I have decided to steal this video from goodluckcaycee. I may or may not want to post something like this. I could use it!

Alicia :)


2 thoughts on “April Challenges Day 2”

  1. It almost impossible to completely cut out junk food. There are more things out there that aren’t good for you then are good for you. My solution I have a cheat day. One day a week i allow myself to eat what I want, just not huge amounts. Eat in moderation, instead of taking the whole bag of candy take one or two. You are exercising so you are one step ahead of anyone still sitting one the couch. So just get up and move and you will reach your goal.

    1. Trust me, i have no intention of completely getting rid of junk food. Unless i want to forever shop at ‘Whole Paycheck’ (err… Whole Foods) I don’t plan on it. I just do these every once in a while and since April is filled with challenges, I thought, ‘hey… why not?” i have cheat days myself, usually sunday, or holidays, and for the most part, it is in moderation! 🙂

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