Sick and random update

Hello all. Well, I’m sick. That’s fun. So, for exercise, I’ve done nothing all weekend. Unless you count hauling cases of girl scout cookies from a trailer into ungrateful mother’s cars exercise, well I do, and that’s most likely what got me sick. I’m sore and so I must’ve done something.

So, I’d say how my week was and what I’ve been eating and how much I’ve lost and blah blah, but I’ll just have my weekly or *cough* monthly update post for you all.

  • Basketball is over. I was going to start the 30DS on Friday but then I was going to give myself a one day break and then I got sick…
  • I’m going to read the bible. It’s my unofficial New Year’s resolution
  • I’m going to ask a guy to Turnabout. Or as some of you know it to be Sadie Hawkins.
  • I’m getting my dress next weekend, I hope to be a size 6 because my Homecoming dress was a size 8.
  • I found the most amazing thingΒ  in the world. I found out how to create scarves out of shirts. Check it out here I’ve made like four…
  • Does any one else have a phobia of blowing their nose in public???? i do. People think I’m weird.
  • I have to write the ‘missing’ chapter for Catcher in the Rye tonight. I may post it.
  • 13 in 13 what?? Oops.
  • I’m contemplating whether or not I want to play badminton or I just want to work out on my own. Pro con list???
  • I got a new watch. it’s white with little diamonds on it. Muy bonita.

That’s all. Well, off to do my english homework.

adios, Happy Shredding

Alicia πŸ˜›




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