Hello again, As some of you may know, i enjoy doing challenges. I feel like I actually accomplish things when I do/ attempt them, so why not do another one, now that basketball has ended…

basically, this was created by her And basically it’s to sort of declutter, reorganize and such during the shortest month of the year. She gave some suggestions of what to do, and I will follow them almost to the point, except for the ones about twitter and facebook, because I do not have a twitter and facebook associated with this blog. 🙂



i need to complete these things…


Add/update categories (BONUS: Add/update menus and navigation bars)

Update and enhance your About page (BONUS: take new headshot and add to sidebar)

Update and enhance your Contact page

Add to/update your subscription options (BONUS: Add email feature)

Update and enhance your sharing options (BONUS: Make sure that your Twitter name is pre-populated in any sharing tools you have)

Find your five most popular posts and edit for grammar, broken links, add new information/photos (BONUS: Do this for your 10 most popular posts)

Update your menus/navigation bar


Social Media

Update profile photo/avatar (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)

Update header (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)

Review and refresh bios, including URLS (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)

Review and refresh follows/friends

Create/edit lists (BONUS: Do this on all platforms)

Edit your sharing settings so that your Twitter and other handles are pre-populated (BONUS: consider adding a relevant hashtag)

Add/edit your Gravatar



Add/update your email signature to include blog URL and other platform links

Add a canned response (or more than one!) to address common questions you get

Create/edit your Google Reader folders for better organization

Create/edit your media kit (BONUS: Create/edit your cover letter)

Set up an email filter so all relevant emails go to a new inbox/group

Set up a new form or spreadsheet to take questions/feedback on your website

Design and print new business cards with your current information



Comment on five blog posts (from separate websites!)

Write a post that includes links to five other posts that you found interesting

Select your favorite blog and email the owner — tell him/her why you like it, what you admire most and offer some unsolicited POSITIVE comments



So, right now I need 4 more community related things. If you have any ideas let me know! And  I’ll update these things whenever I have completed a substantial amount,  But, here come some changes!


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂



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