Thanksgiving, my stomach, blah blah blah.

Well, I’ve said it before, why not say it again. I have sucked on posting, but I have my reasons.

  1. Busy
  2. School
  3. Finals are approaching
  4. I have another blog to maintain.
  5. trying to get a boyfriend. 🙂
  6. my stomach…
  7. Thanksgiving,
  8. spending time con la familia
  9. chilling out on this lovely break which ends today
  10. Darn.
  11. I really enjoy list making.
  12. You all should too.
  13. It looks so official
  14. 🙂 I’m done.

Anyway, yes. these are my reasons. And I shall elaborate on them now…

1. I am busy

I am a teenage girl and with sports, school, and trying to find time for friends gets to be a bit hectic.

2. School

Like I said earlier, I can barely fir time in for school, wink wink my college class sucks, and all my honors classes. Darn.

3. Finals are approaching
Not like I am studying for them yet, just thought about them for a reason for no posts on the near future

4. I have another blog to maintain,

Yep, I do. You all do/will not learn about it, unless you already do, but you don’t know it’s me. Whoa, I’m cool, with all my blogs.

5. I’m trying to get a boyfriend

Again, not really a reason for not posting, just thought you all would like to know. 🙂

6. My stomach

Nope, I didn’t put on some pounds over this week, or at least I don’t think so. If you can recall way back when, err umm July, when I  had that cyst in my abdomen, well that little asswad decided to return. I’ll continue talking about it when I look back on these past 12 days

7. Thanksgiving

Not really a reason, except for the fact that on Thanksgiving, when I got back to my house, I fell asleep, even though I had planned on posting.

8. Spending time con la familia
I’ve been spending a lot of time with my parents and friends recently, it’s been nice.

9. Chilling out on this lovely break which ends today.

Well, there were many points when I was going to write, but, alas, I was too lazy to type. That’s embarrassing

10-14. These all made no sense but I wanted to continue with my list. 🙂

My food consumption. 🙂

Well, for the holiday season making its way into our lives, I haven’t over consumed, which is probably  definitely a good thing.


November 14th

breakfast: cereal

lunch: apple, yogurt, granola bar, chips, applesauce

dinner: lasagna and garlic bread

snack: granola bar

exercise: basketball 1.5 hrs

Calories: 1450


November 15th

Breakfast: yogurt and apple

lunch: yogurt, apple, granola bar, applesauce

Dinner: pork chops, broccoli

Snack: granola bar x2

Exercise: basketball 1.5 hrs

Total calories: 1543


November 16th

Breakfast: yogurt, granola bar

lunch: chips, granola bar, applesauce, yogurt

Dinner: tacos, cookie bar

Snack: granola bar

Exercise: basketball 1 hr

Total calories: 1660


November 17th

Breakfast:   oatmeal

lunch: 4 munchkins, pears, pineapple, applesauce

Dinner: chicken breast, rutabega, risotto,

Exercise: Basketball 1 hr

Total calories: 1454


November 18th

Breakfast: cinnamon rolls

lunch: yogurt, applesauce

Dinner: lasagna, beans,, garlic bread

Snack: chocolate cake

Total calories: 1750… OOPS


Well, this post is getting very long, So I will write a new one, explaining my stomach situation and this past week. So, all of my non posting nonsense comes in to play particularly in the next post I will begin, after dinner.

Happy Shredding





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