So, once again my life has been rather busy. With school sports, and just trying to fi in time for myself, I have been BUSY.

So, because of all my business, I thought I should tell you all about what has happened in my life, since I have neglected to in the past few weeks.


  • Well, I made the basketball team!! Woot. Number 13!
  • I got a haircut, on friday, 2 inches not too bad.
  • My dog turned 6
  • my friend and I are writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month
  • I brought my grade up to a B+ in my micro class.
  • I am now a size 6 in jeans!!!!!! sdjkgoisgjsoig So happy.
  • I went to homecoming con las amigas (with my friends)
  • My first basketball game is tomorrow
  • I lost one more pound. 163 lbs ad dropping. 🙂
  • I have been working out 6 days a week for basketball, and I’m loving it.
  • My thigh muscle is so visible and great
  • I got new basketball shoes.
  • I reorganized the furniture in my room.
  • I have created another blog, which is feeling neglected as well. I am not going to mix the two, for now.
  • I have begun writing my life story on the other blog and when I get to present day, I will let my imagination work its magic.
  • I’m getting a new phone in January. 🙂
  • I have been drinking only water for a while.
  • I didn’t overeat on Halloween, err, umm, by a lot. No more than 2000 calories. Which was good.
  • I hadn’t eaten over about 1500 calories since the last time I blogged.
  • Endorphins are great, much better than chocolate!
  • I had a 99.7% in spanish class for the quarter, come on, round-up. 🙂
  • I believe that is all
  • I like writing in bullets
  • It makes me feel like I am getting thing accomplished
  • I should probably stop 🙂 🙂

Anyway, that is what has been happening to me. I really do apologize for the lack of posts. But, I have devised a plan that will hopefully get me to blog more. Instead of posting one humongous post every couple of weeks. At night I will post what I ate and such, a little bit about my day, and on the weekend I will (hopefully) go more in-depth with my week and such, maybe post some work out videos and other fun things I have tried/ am going to try. Ever since my guest blog appearance I have gotten a few emails that they enjoyed what I had posted. So, I will try to post more.

And to be honest, I don’t want to post what I ate for the past two weeks. all I know is that it ranged from around 1100 to 1600 and on Halloween,  it went a smidge over. Anyway, I guess I can talk about today.


So,I woke up at about 8:30. Sunday. Darn it. I always hate Sundays because I procrastinate, I admit it, and I wait until Sunday night to do my homework .I actually wasn’t going to create this post because I was still doing my homework. Oops. Anyway, so I walked downstairs and the smell of coffee and Dunkin donuts filled my nostrils. So, I had two donuts Oops. Anyway, after that, I watched TV with my dad for a while and then made my way back upstairs to my room. I worked on the novel my friend and I are doing for a bit, and then decided to read. For school, we are reading Unwind,  I recommend it, muy bien. I’m on part 5. when I finished that, I worked on the novel for a while, and then I kind of did nothing. I got bored and so I had some applesauce. I finished my part for the novel. We are at 22695/50000 words. Almost half way done. Woot. After that, my parents had some friends over so I locked myself in my room because I was still in my pajamas and I didn’t feel like putting on clothes.

A while later, my mom got a call from my grandparents asking if we wanted to got out to dinner, which we did. When we went out, I got ravioli, it was really good. after that, we went to this ice cream place, but I got froyo, which is just as good, if not better than ice cream. And after that, I came home, and worked on some more of my homework and here I am now. I really like telling people about my day. It’s quite nice, I have to admit. I should so this more often. 🙂


anyway, I must depart. I have to create a new page on the blog, for some goals I have.  Check it out when it’s finished. I’ll probably call it ‘Goals!’ very original, I know. Well, TOODLES!!



Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

And have some pictures because I lacked them for a while 🙂




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