September 26th and 27th

Hello world and all who inhabit it. So, I have been a slacker and this past weekend was really fun and yeah, fun, so I need to hurry up with the week and get to the weekend. Ahh. Woot.


September 26th

Well this was Wednesday. I went in early to school for a study session for economics… And then went to class. but, before that, I had cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios to be exact. Fun.
I went to my morn classes and then lunch. I had a sandwich, applesauce, yogurt, and some carrots. Then, I went to gym and did 9 miles on the bike in about 25 minutes. After gym,  I went to economics and took my test. I did horribly. I got a C. Not acceptable by my standards. Anyway, then I came home and had dinner. I had pizza, Fun,

I hate not blogging everyday because I end up with crap posts like the one above because I don’t remember things. POOP!

Anyway, I had a total of 1360 calories.


September 27th

well, I had my conference for golf today. I woke up at 5, ate some toast and then my dad and I were off to Starbucks. I got a grande light mocha. I have to say it is better than the regular mocha, and with many fewer calories. Anyway, I got to school at 5:45, my one coach got there at 6, and my other coach didn’t get there until 625 and we were supposed to leave at 615. Whatever. After that, I played 18 holes of golf. I shot  a 126. I got a 66 on the front 9 and a 60 on the back. to be quite honest, I didn’t think I did too well. The winner of our conference shot a 72… Darn. But she had been playing for 15 years. And then there’s me, 1st year. The sad thing is, I did the 2nd best on my team. We came in 2nd in out conference out of 2… Darn. We lost by 115 strokes. Once again. darn. But, yeah. Anyway, I had two granola bars during the 18 holes and afterwards, we got chips, a hotdog and I had water to drink. When I came home, I did whatever homework I didn’t do from the day before and for dinner I don’t remember what I had. Whatever.

Anyway, I had a total of 1370 calories. I burned more calories than I consumed. That probably isn’t good. Because, generically, you burn about 1400 calories from walking 18 holes of golf, which I am okay with. 🙂


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


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