September 16th. :)

So, today was alright. Except for the fact that I went to bed with a 101 degree fever(forgot to mention this in the last post). That wasn’t fun. So, I was then freezing, so I put on some thicker pajama pants, turned my fan off, and put on a thick blanket which was amazing until I woke up at 11:11, in a sweat. My fever had broken. Yep, turned my fan on, put on shorts, and flung my blanket on the ground. Then, I fell back to sleep and was woken up at 2:43 for some odd reason. I finally went back to sleep and woke up at 6:30. So, yes, what a lovely night.

Anyway, I trudged down the stairs and ate some breakfast. Then, I did some homework, what fun, and by that time it was about noon, so I ate a sandwich, some applesauce, and a granola bar. My sister had a party to go to so my dad and I had planned on playing 18 holes of golf, to prepare myself for the three matches I have this week, but there was an outing at one course, and a bunch of other places that we couldn’t start until later, so we ended up just going to the driving range. I hit the ball really well and I am stoked for the matches this upcoming week.

After that, My dad and I got smoothies. mine was strawberry banana. I then did some more homework, and blogged. and by that time, it was dinner time. I had some pasta and half a meatball. I also had 3 mini twix bars. That is all.

I had a total of 1609 calories. Yowza…


Happy Shredding






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