September 10th

Hello folks. well yesterday was fun, I mean it was a Monday. Also, I had to go to school early to make up my economics test, I may have mentioned that in previous posts, but who knows? Not me. Anyway, I woke up and ate some oatmeal and then  got ready and went to school.

Then I took my test and went to my morning classes ( Joy oh Joy) and then lunch came. I had a sandwich, a plum, a yogurt and some grapes. Then I went to gym. Oh Goody. Now I have my schedule for my entire week for Gym.

Monday: It’s like just a modge podge of different things. Like squats, lunges, abs, push ups, stuff like that.

Tuesday: kick boxing/ self-defense

Wednesday: Cardio day

Thursday: Pilates

Friday :Yoga

We, obviously, did what is on the Monday agenda and today, I am still sore. it hurts to sit down. Which is good. I am working. 🙂

After gym, I finished my day and then had golf. I had some trail mix before and then I played 9 holes. I wasn’t with my normal golfing partner. Whenever we hit bad shots we make fun of ourselves for it and we have a good time with the other golfers. Not yesterday, not at all. We were all serious and I was congested so I did terribly. it was in the 70s. The whole team didn’t do so swell. But that’s not important. Because then I came home, ate some salad and went to sleep.

I had a total of 1500 calories and it was really cold yesterday and I didn’t break a sweat so I am unaware of how many calories I burned.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


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