Guest Blogging!!!

Good day world and all who inhabit it. So, I was checking my comments a bit ago, when I stumbled upon one that told me to check my email. So what did I do? Oh yes, I checked it. What a surprise. And I had a billion emails ( well only 50) and two of them were from wordpress bloggers right here who follow. They asked me to guest blog. I was dying inside. This is so amazing. Absolutely splendiforous, yes I just created that word. Anyway, I have emailed both of them back and I will be appearing on ( check her out, she’s pretty radtastic (made that one up too) and hopefully (she is all fitness all the time) and yeah. I just thought I should share the upcoming news and such going on in my life and I personally believed that this needed its own post.


Well, Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

P.S. My September 10th and 11th posts will be up soon. :))))


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