September 9th

Wow. Three days in a row of consecutive posting. Wow. I should be studying for my economics test that I am retaking tomorrow morning (no one in our class did good. I got a 74%) but I really just feel like writing.

So, I woke up this morning and my sinuses were clogged and my throat was hurting, Great, just great. I took some Halls mentholyptus and trudged downstairs. I could tell, just by looking at my dad that he was having breathing troubles too. He told me that my sister woke up in the middle of the night with the same problem. Woot. Come back to school and what happens? Kids don’t use hand sanitizer and wash their hands and ew. So, then, poor Alicia gets her and her whole family sick. Or my sister or my dad got us all sick, either way, we are still awaiting for my mom to start sneezing and coughing. Anyway, I had a doughnut for breakfast. I then went and cleaned my room and emptied half a box of tissues and my dad and I finished off the Halls. So, we needed to go to the store. But, first, I had to go and shoot some video for my school project in my TV class. It’s an after school class that I go to when I can to work on things. Anyway, we went to a bunch of forest preserves, a pond, and a park to get some really nice shots. Then, my mom and I came home and we then went to the store. We needed tissues for the upcoming fall and winter, more Halls, cold medicine, my allergy medicine, and I needed a binder for my yearbook class,being an editor and all. I also needed yoga pants. This makes me mad. First of all, these were Pink ( Victoria’s secret) and thy were like $30 and my friend bought them for me.  Girls are idiots and don’t understand that 5 people can’t fit into the hallway leading to our locker room. So, I was pushed against the side of a wall and a nail hit me in the thigh, causing a quarter sized hole on my right thigh of my pants. I was enraged with anger but I dealt with it. Anyway, yeah little rant to the day.

Well, after that, I came home and had some applesauce and granola. I read a little and did some other homework and then my grandparents called and wondered if my familia and I wanted to go out to dinner. We did, of course. So we went out and I got some pasta and a meatball. That was my day.

I had a total of  1340 calories.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

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