September 3rd -7th

Hello again. let’s finish this past week for me.

September 3rd.

First, I forgot to say that I did the 30 Day Shred on Sunday. Did that instead of blogging

Well, Labor Day here in the states. I woke up late, thank goodness. and had some granola and trial mix for breakfast. For lunch I had some pasta and in between I was cleaning my room and attempting to get my homework done. Then, we were having friends over for dinner. They were supposed to come at 4, so at 3 I put my homework away and was going to Shred but then… they got here. So I didn’t Shred. But for dinner, we had chicken and salad. Yum. And also come chips and guacamole. And for dessert my mom made chocolate chip cookies.

Labor day in a nutshell

I had a total of 1375 calories

September 4th

I had school today and it dragged on because of the 3 day weekend prior. Anyhow, I had some cereal for breakfast along with a plum . Later on at school, I had lunch. I had  a plum, some applesauce, yogurt, and peanut butter and jelly sandwich. During gym on Tuesdays we will be doing self-defense/kick boxing. it’s quite fun.

Then after school I had golf. I ate some trail mix before. I umm,,, did terribly  at golf and would rather not share the score.

Then I got home and had some remaining chicken and salad from the night before and this apple tart thing. Yum.

I had a total 1625 calories.

September 5th

For breakfast I had some cereal and granola.

I had the same lunch as the day before (a plum, some applesauce, yogurt, and peanut butter and jelly sandwich) except I also had grapes.  After school I played golf again and ate some crackers and trail mix. I shot a 58. Much Much better than the day before. I’ll leave it at that. I came home and had some hamburger helper. That is all. I also went on the bike for 27 minutes and went 9 miles.

I had a total of 1550 calories today.

September 6th

For breakfast I had oatmeal. Then I went to school and ordered my class ring during lunch .I’d show you all what it looks like, well how I designed it, but it has my school name on it. So… no. But anyway, for lunch I had trail mix, applesauce,a plum, some yogurt, and a sandwich. After school I had some trail mix as well. Then for dinner I had some pasta

I had a total of 1545 calories.


September 7th

Woot! Almost up to date. I had oatmeal for breakfast. Then I went to school and had lunch. Obviously not right away, but whatever. I had the same thing as the day before minus the trail mix (applesauce,a plum, some yogurt, and a sandwich.)  Then I came home and did some homework and blogged and had a yogurt. Woot. For dinner I had pasta.


I had a total of 1345 calories.


I can’t wait to blog again tonight or tomorrow. I am going to a fair today so I will probably post tomorrow morning. Well Happy Shredding. 🙂

Alicia 🙂



4 thoughts on “September 3rd -7th”

  1. We have our big annual fair starting this week but I just don’t have time to go. Enjoy!
    Looks like you’re doing really well with your healthy eating, nice! Does it seem harder to work out now that school is back in session?

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