Oops… I did it again.

No, I was not going to talk about Brittney Spears. What I meant was I went another week or so with no post, leaving all of you guys on the edge of your seats… No? Well, okay. Anyway, I have been über busy and that is why I haven’t posted. Darn. Anyway,

August 30th

Jeez, I haven’t posted in forever. Well, here we go. Thursday was one of the greatest days of my life. Not weight loss wise but like for school. August itself was a great month in general. Anyway, I woke up and had some frosted flakes, showered and went to school. At school, I was given the position of design editor in my school yearbook, I applied for photo editor but whatever. I am still an editor and I get a say in what becomes of my high school memories a la 12-13. So yes. There we go. I also got a par on the last hole I played in golf. I was ecstatic. And, there is one more thing. there is a boy, who apparently talked to my best friend for about 5 minutes just about me. Why wouldn’t that make any girl’s day great? I dunno. Anyway, yes, so for lunch I had turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple, a peach, and some almonds. I then played well 9 holes of golf, obviously and had some almonds after that, I don’t have what I ate for dinner written down, darn. because I will be playing much more golf in the near future, I decided to see how many calories you burn whilst you play golf. For nine holes you burn approximately 700 calories. Which I can definitely see. Especially in the scorching 90 degrees lugging your golf clubs here and there. So yes. woot getting a workout. And in gym we did some Pilates.

Any who I had approximately 1733 calories and then burned about 650- 700. So woot. That was fun.

August 31st.

I woke up and had some oatmeal. Woo oatmeal. I don’t understand how people don’t like oatmeal. I  honestly really enjoy it. Whatever. Then I went to school. I honestly recollect nothing from that day so yeah… lunch. I had a turkey and cheese sandwich. an apple, some carrots, (not sure if I have told you all yet, but I don’t eat baby carrots. why? When hey turn white after being open for too long, it’s because they were first soaked in bleach. regular carrots for me please!), and some almonds. Then I came home and had some applesauce and for dinner I got a Panini  and a smoothie from Panera. It was the Frontega Chicken Panini and the wild berry smoothie. DIVINE!! Well, yes. That is all. And in gym we did some yoga.

I had a total of 1632 calories. I need to cut down… 😦


Well, the No Junk Food Challenge is over and I was weighed the other day and was at 170… yep eating less. But not today. I was craving junk food so umm well, yes. I had a brownie for breakfast AND a peach.  I did eat some healthy. Also , it is better to eat unhealthy in the morning, well not unhealthy, junk food so you can burn it off throughout the day. That is also why people are supposed to eat a big breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner, not the other way around. Anyway, then I went out with my friend and we got our homecoming dresses.

Then we went to sweet tomatoes for lunch. I wasn’t extremely hungry so I got a small salad with fat-free ranch dressing and also some macaroni and cheese.

After that, we proceeded to walk through the mall for 3 hours.

Then we went to McDonald’s and got mocha frappes and chocolate chip cookies.

After searching for hours, my friend and I finally found our dresses and shoes and we are ready to party.
And alas, ended our shopping trip so we went to dinner. I got a chicken breast with cheese on it ans a baked potato. It was phenomenal.

I had about 1700 calories and then burned about 450 of those walking.


September 2nd.

I would have posted today but I went to a wedding.

For breakfast  I had yet another brownie. And for lunch I had the other half of my chicken breast and cheese from the night before. Then we went to the wedding. Now, some of you may know about my TLC addiction and on TLC. Well I adore four wedding so my father proceeded to bombard me with questions pertaining to the show. And what my final tally was. it was really cute how he remembered it all. Props t him. Anyway, during cocktail hour there was cheese and fruit to eat and I had 2 lemonades. It was awfully hot outside which is where a  good portion of the wedding took place. But I didn’t sweat.. So thank goodness.

Then, for dinner, I hd chicken, beef, mashed potatoes, pasta, green beans, some ice cream and cake. All in all it was a fun wedding. 🙂

I had a total of 1350 calories.

Well, I am going to bid adieu to you all right now and finish up my week with a new post. I don’t want to bombard you all with my rambles just quickly. 🙂


Happy Shredding 🙂



Here are a few more motivational pictures than usual. 🙂


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