August 28th and 29th

Well hello readers. Wow. A post during the week. Impressed? You should be.

Well, yes. Oh! And I forgot to mention in my last post that I have played 3 rounds of golf since I started on the golf team. My score has gone from 72, 62, and on Saturday a 49. Damn. Those decreasing numbers are so awesome. I have another match tomorrow, so on Friday, you will hear about that.

So, on Tuesday, I woke up and ate some cereal. I went to school early because the girl that I carpool with forgot almost all of her homework at school. So, we went there and then, because I am on yearbook, we have a photography workshop for 4 class periods. So I missed gym. Speaking of gym, the workout we did was called the Spartacus workout.  Check it out. I dare you

For lunch I had some applesauce, a plum, a peach, and a turkey sandwich. Then, I finished class and went to golf practice. That was fun.

When I came home I had BLTS which were good and then I went and did all my homework.  That was Tuesday for you. I had about 1450 calories.


And now today. I got up and had some Frosted Flakes. Woo hoo Frosted Fakes. And then got dressed and other fun stuff and went to school. I had all of my morning classes and then lunch.  For lunch I had a turkey sandwich, an apple, a peach, and some applesauce.

Then, after school, I had golf practice again. We just chipped golf balls outside of school, with foam balls of course. The Math teachers don’t need to have to buy new windows.Then, I came home and had dinner. I didn’t really have dinner but I had some cheese, and apple, and this cornbread thing that my friend made in her foods and nutrition class. It was really good.

I had a total of 1435 calories.

Woop dee doo. Well, so long


Happy Shredding,:)

Alicia 🙂 🙂


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