Well hello Again,

  • So, here I am. My first day where I have been completely free to do whatever I want since last week. Darnit. Well, here we go.

So this past week, has been much fun. As I said in my August 20th post, I had a Great Day! Well, that one great day flowed right over to the rest of my week. yes, my entire week was absolutely splediforous. So pretty much food wise, before I start talking about my exercises, well yes. So for breakfast every day, I had either Honey Nut Cheerios, and then on Friday, I switched to Frosted Flakes, because for the first time in no one knows how long, we are at a Honey Nut Cheerios deprivation. Whatever.

For lunch, I have some sort of fruit, a sandwich, yogurt, and applesauce. Woot. Then for dinner it varies. On Tuesday I had pizza, Wednesday: Chili, thursday, pasta, Friday: Chicken Caesar Salad, Saturday: The rest of my salad from Panera, Sunday: a hamburger and baked potato, and today: BLTs.

So, there we go. My weekly consumptions. Each day, I didn’t eat over 1500 calories. They ranged from about 1275-1450 So yes.

Anyway, so at my school there are a ton of different gym classes depending on what you are interested in. I really wanted to increase my flexibility so I took mind and body. Thinking we would be doing yoga everyday, I was excited to not have athlete’s blush(when your face turns red while exercising) for the semester (health is next semester) but no. We only do yoga one day per week. The other days  we will be doing Pilates, kick boxing, going to the wellness center (like a mini YMCA) and there is one other day but I can’t remember.

Today, my gym teacher found these exercises in a health magazine for us to do. They were really fun. I want to find them and do them on my on because I felt really worked. Or I could just subscribe. Whoa. maybe I will. Anyway, we did those today.

So Yes, there was my week. I hate doing these catch up posts. I don’t get to you all everything. I need to put less  on my plate next year.

Almost forgot! I have my questionnaire to complete.


16.) What kind of person attracts you?

  • Well. a good personality and a good humor. Good looks are always a plus but the first 2 I mentioned are much more important. And as the Spice Girls would say, “If you wanna be my lover, then you gotta get with my friends.”



17.) A problem you have had.

  • Define problem exactly. I don’t know. If you mean like eating disorder then none, umm well yeah, i don’t really know…



18.) something that you miss.

  • Well more like someone. My grandma passed away in 2010 from lung cancer. She was always there for me and I miss her more and more each day.



19.) Goals for the next 30 Days.

  • Don’t Worry, be happy. i don’t know. Don’t procrastinate, lose some weight. Drink more water. Start the 30 Day shed again.



20.)Your highs and lows of this month

  • Highs: great week, being alive and well,

    Lows: School…. Poo…



21.) How have you changed in the past 2 years?

  • Quite frankly, I have matured so much in the past 2 years. My self confidence has gone from a negative 5 to a 5 and it is still growing. I am more mature and I am me.


22.) Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous and you find attractive.

  • Well let’s see….
    Harry Styles

    Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Lochte

    Tom Daley

    Niall Horan