July 25th- July 31st!

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been gone a lot lately, with my hospital visit and then vacation a lot has happened.

So, first off, I will be starting the No Junk Food Challenge tomorrow. Woot. Also, because my friend is being a vegan for a week starting tomorrow, I have decided to do it with her, so the junk food won’t seem as bad. Anyway, also, I have 15 more days until school starts, and 31 days until my first goal weight needs to be reached, 160 pounds. I need a scale asap so I can weigh myself for the month of July. Also, i can’t exercise until i get the okay from my doctor about my cyst. I have no pain anymore, so yay for that.


July 25th

Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: chicken sandwich milkshake

Dinner: veggie burger, bun, corn, chips, fruit, piece of cake

Snack: NONE

Exercise: swimming 3.5 hours

Total calories: 1800. Never consuming a chooclate milk shake AGAIN. 821 calories for a regular. Oh my god. Never again.


July 26th

Breakfast: peanut butter toast clementine

Lunch: chicken sandwich 10 fries

Dinner chocolate pudding, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, chicken strips,

Snack: iced coffee

Exercise: walking 1 hour

Total calories: 1438


July 27th

Breakfast: 2.5 waffles

Lunch: chicken salad with ranch

Dinner quesadilla with some chips

Snack: NONE

Exercise: swimming 3 hours

Total calories: 1490


July 28th

Breakfast: cereal

Lunch: sandwich

Dinner pizza

Snack: fruit, puppy show,Β  frozen yogurt

Exercise: swimming 7 hours

Total calories: 1500


July 29th

Breakfast: blueberry scone

Lunch: subway 6 in cold cut combo with vegetables and such πŸ™‚

Dinner: sandwich yogurt, and granola bar

Snack: chips

Exercise: walked for a bit

Total calories: 1500


July 30th

Breakfast: granola bar

Lunch: sandwich yogurt applesauce

Dinner chicken breast fires

Snack: grapes granola bar

Total calories: 1386


July 31st

Breakfast: granola bar yogurt

Lunch: sandwich applesauce

Dinner: pizza 2 pieces

Snack: None

Total calories: 1500 ish


So that was my week. Anyway, I will depart. I hope to resume my daily posts for what I have left f summer. πŸ™‚


Happy Ahredding

Alicia πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


P.S. Should I do this, hmm maybe starting tomorrow? Let’s ponder this thought, shall we…

I’ll do it. No scale until end of August, unless i go to the doctor, that shouldn’t count.



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