July 9th-12th

Hey guys. So, yeah… I lied about the posts everyday. I have been busy but I shouldn’t be that busy for a while.

Anyway. June 9th

I cleaned my whole house. And had other fun stuff to do. Anyway I had some cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, some grapes as a snack and for dinner a chicken breast, homemade not fast food. Woot! I had 1197 calories on Monday


June 10th

I had therapy again. But, before I begin, I had a yogurt and some fruit for breakfast, then a sandwich for lunch. Then, I went to therapy. There was a different person for this session. She was nice. She didn’t tape my knee but the exercises that her and I worked on were quite easy. I am continuing on my exercises like both of the therapists said. The lady I had on Tuesday, was the only time I would have her I have the same lady as I did fr my first session.

When I got back,  I had a yogurt and some strawberries and then I went over to my friend’s house. We had chicken… again, and corn, and some pasta salad. Then, she also made banana bread which was good.

I had a total of 1450 calories.


July 11th

for breakfast, I had a yogurt and some raspberries. Then I went to the zoo. It was fun. After walking around for about 1.5 hours, we had lunch I had a sandwich, strawberries, and a yogurt. Then we walked around for 2 more hours. Then, the people I was with got ice cream and I stuck with a pretzel, it wasn’t that good… Darn,

Then for dinner, I got a salad and some of this yogurt from the place we went, it was really good.

I had a total of 1050 calories


July 12th

For breakfast, I had yogurt and some cereal. For lunch, I had a sandwich. I also had some fruit salad and some pasta salad. Then later I had some yogurt and ten for dinner I had some steak tacos.

I had a total of 1131 calories.


I can’t wait to go to the doctor on Monday and have him tell me what I can do so that I feel better and can hopefully exercise soon.


Happy Shredding


Alicia 🙂

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