July 3rd-8th

Hey everyone. Sorry I’ve been gone a lot lately. I was out of town again and busy. So, I am just going to be telling what I ate and not a bunch of other stuff. And yes, I have been taking care of my knee. ie. doing my exercises and icing and taking medicine.

July 3rd.

Breakfast Honey Nut Cheerios

Lunch: Soup

Snack: None

Dinner: Pizza

Total calories: 1080


July 4th

Breakfast: Strawberries and a yogurt

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese sandwich

Snack: 3 strawberries

Dinner Soft pretzel, peanuts (baseball game)

Total calories: 1330


July 5th

Breakfast: yogurt and grapes

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese sandwich

Snack: Fro yo

Dinner Chicken sandwich (homemade no fast food)

Walked for 4 hours

Total calories: 1210


July 6th

Breakfast: strawberries and yogurt

Lunch: Sandwich

Snack: Smoothie

Dinner Sandwich

Total calories: 1280



July 7th

Breakfast: Cereal and banana chips

Lunch: Cheese and crackers

Snack:granola bar (No chocolate)

Dinner: Hot dog on a bun, grapes, cherries

Swam for 3 hours

Total calories: 1100


July 8th

Breakfast: Cup of coffee and .5 bagel with cream cheese

Lunch: sandwich and crackers.

Snack: banana

Dinner Chicken turkey sandwich

Walking 1.5 hrs.

Total calories: 1350


That was my week in a nutshell. I will be back to my normal full day writings tomorrow. I also have therapy tomorrow!

Happy Shredding!



2 thoughts on “July 3rd-8th”

  1. Even though you were busy and out of town, the good thing is that you stayed on track and that is most important! Keep it up!

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