July 2nd.

Hello everyone, before I commence to telling you about my day, I will just warn you for the worst. there is a food loss in my house. There is no fruit, vegetables, anything good. We have cereal, and junk food, which as you all know, I do not eat. So, what did I ate for breakfast and lunch? Cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios to be exact. I never want to eat cereal again. But I will have to today as well.  Because both of my parents work, they only can go shopping on the weekends or after work and they are tired after work and because we went out of town last weekend, we have no food.

But, when they got home, My mom went out and came back with a grilled chicken Caesar salad for me… I was happy.

So, other than the food deprivation, I have been keeping up with my exercises and the No Junk Food Challenge.

And, as I said yesterday, I would have made my update post but I didn’t. It will be coming soon, I promise.

I ate a total of 1270 calories

Well, until then.



Happy Shredding,

Alicia 🙂



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