Weekend and a Wedding!

Hey everybody,

I felt lost without writing posts this weekend, it was fun though.


Friday June 29th

I woke up at  7:30 and ate some Honey Nut Cheerios and a banana. I iced my knee and did my exercises. I told my mom a few nights before that we needed food because all we had was junk food and bananas and yogurt. So, what did I have for lunch and snacks? yogurts and bananas. Boring. Then, I packed, and my family and I left for the weekend. They were going to McDonalds so before we left, I made a turkey and cheese sandwich and a banana. At McDonalds I got a bottle of water even thought my parents were all like, “Are you sure you don’t want anything?” I said, not so Good for me! We got there at about 8:30, sat for a while, and went to bed.

I had a total of 960 calories.


Saturday June 30th. Wedding Day.

I woke up and was hungry. There was coffee cake and donuts and I can’t eat those so my parents bought me yogurt and strawberries so for breakfast I ate 10 strawberries and a Greek yogurt

Then, because the wedding didn’t start till 3, we all showered and ate lunch. I had a turkey sandwich on wheat, some more strawberries and some watermelon.


After a while, we went to the wedding and kiss the bride etc. then we went to the reception.

I had these meatballs, a pork sandwich, some fruit and pasta salad, and these cheesy potatoes. And of course, what was at he end of the table? Cupcakes. And the party favors…M&Ms. Everyone told me to take this day off and to add another day at the end, but I didn’t. I was so proud of myself, it’s not even funny. I would never turn back a cupcake or M&Ms but I did. That really showed me what  I was capable of doing. And then, when I finished eating and everyone was chomping down on cupcakes, there was taunting. “Hey, Alicia, do you want my cupcake? Oh, wait, nevermind” and other no-so-fun stuff. But,  I stuck it out. I’m happy I did, because I feel much better that I did.

I had 1240 calories. for being at a wedding, that, to me, is really good.


July 1st


So,I woke up and my dad asked me if I wanted to go to the store, so I said yes.

We were getting random food that we would need for the day ahead, when I saw some Greek frozen yogurt. I had to buy it.

We got home  and I had one. It tasted good and like ice cream but it wasn’t ice cream. It was a great substitute and it was only 100 calories. Then, I was given this french toast like thing to try, it was good but not amazing.

I want to work out. It’s killing me. I feel like poo because I can’t work out. I did however get to walk around all day and play with little kids which was fun. While playing with the kids was fun, it’s not as fun as the feeling I get after a  long great workout. I will enjoy the day when I can work out again. I will be thrilled and tired. I will not do the lunges during the 30 Day Shred. I will be doing squats or something else that is similar to the lunges.


Anyway, we had a big brunch for present opening after the wedding. There was fruit salad, a spinach egg casserole, cashews, sausage, and there was other stuff that I didn’t eat.


At about 3, I had another Greek frozen yogurt and some more strawberries.


For dinner, we had cheeseburgers, corn, and watermelon. There were chips, but  I didn’t eat them. Then, my cousin’s dad made this dessert and I went outside and swung so I wouldn’t be tempted. Then, the kids who were about 8 came outside and told me to smell them. They were chocolate covered and they did this to make me upset.  I was but I didn’t show it. I would not let the kids win.

I had a total of 1249 calories.


So, there you have it. Once  I take my July pictures I will have them up and I will put up my update post.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

3 thoughts on “Weekend and a Wedding!”

  1. A good show for sticking to your resolve. People think they are funny when they act like this; if only they would realise that they do not show care and consideration, just a lack of respect for your choices. It is not like you are trying to ram your ideas down their throats so its poor form that they effectively do so by their actions. Well done girl! I am not sure if you are eating enough calories for sustained weight loss without muscle loss but your choices of food types are good. If I can be of any support in my role as a personal trainer, please just say.

  2. Congrats for not going overboard at the wedding, but don’t restrict your calories too much! 1200 should be your absolute lowest, or else you put your metabolism into starvation mode (I am just getting out of it… that was basically me the whole month of June… not eating enough! and I have very little to show in the weight loss department :/). Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Awesome job sticking to your plan of not eating junk food….especially saying no to McDonalds! Good tactic – being prepared with something else for yourself eat. It’s those daily decisions that will add up to your ultimate success!

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