Hey everyone! I got an email the other day from  a follower who was inspired by my blog to do her own weight loss blog. She did a questionnaire and she recommended that I do it too! Here we go!

Name: Alicia

Age: 15

Height:5’7.5″ about


  • Current: 174 lbs
  • Highest: 199.2 (May 2011)
  • Lowest: umm well, 8lb 14oz. The day I was born
  • Goal: 140lbs or 145lbs

Who is your thinspiration? Jennifer Hudson. She was famous before she lost the weight that she did, which shows that no matter what size you are, you can accomplish anything, and then she showed that if you want  to accomplish something, you can after she lost weight.

Weight loss fears: None. I am just happy to lose weight the safe way, maybe not ever reaching my goal would suck

Why do you want to lose weight? Just to be healthy, and to be able to be cool in the summer, because bikinis are not as hot as capris and t-shirts.c

Do your parents know you are trying to lose weight? Do they care? Probably. They know I am doing the No Junk Food Challenge. They don’t know about the blog. I ‘ll probably tell them at the end of Summer or when I reach my goal.

What is your daily workout routine? When I could workout, I would do the 30-Day Shred and I would love to start jogging when I can workout again. But, until then, I have my physical therapy exercises.

Do people comment on your weight loss negatively? No one that I know, knows of my blog and everyone online has been really kind and motivational.

What is the hardest thing you gave up during this weight loss? Well, at the moment with my No Junk Food Challenge that has been difficult but before that, I eat the same food but less.

What do you normally eat in a day?

Breakfast: Cereal or a yogurt and fruit

Lunch: A sandwich or something

Snack: Fruit or vegetables

Dinner: Never the same.

Are you losing weight in the healthy or unhealthy way? healthy.

What’s your Ultimate Goal Weight? When do you expect to reach it? 140-145. I wanted to accomplish it by the end of summer but since I can’t workout, it will take a while.

When did you first decide to lose weight? May 2011, when I went to the doctor and my weight was a disgusting 199.2 lbs. My doctor said my weight had sky-rocketed and I felt like dying.

Do you have an eating disorder? NO.

What are your clothing sizes? Jeans, a 10 in women, shirt a large in women, shoes 10, and other pants would be like a large.

What was your lowest weight? How and why did you gain? Well, like I said before 8lb 14oz. I ate a lot when I was younger, I would eat all of my candy from holidays within a week after the holiday and  I would only workout during gym and Saturdays during basketball.

Did the media play a role in your wanting to lose weight? Yes, I want to say no, but when  I see all the models, it makes me want to lose weight even more..

Your definition of beauty: Happiness.

What do you see when you look in the mirrors?A girl in her shell who knows she’s beautiful but needs some help remembering

Ever tried to commit suicide? Never.

Ever cut yourself? Never

Do you weigh yourself daily? Nope.

How Many Calories Do You Consume A Day? 1000- 1300.

Favorite time to workout? Afternoon.

Favorite song to listen to while working out. Something upbeat or things that make me feel like I’m in a movie.

How many times per week do you exercise? When  I could exercise, everyday.

What gets you most motivated to workout? The pictures at the end of all my blog posts and Summer 2013, I will wear a bikini with confidence.

Do you work alone or with a partner? alone,

Water or sports drink?  water for sure.

Favorite thing about working out? the end when you are so happy, and you feel like you can do anything.

I am:

[ ] Anorexic


[ ] Bulimic

[ ] Self diagnosis

[ ] Living off diet pills

[ ] Hungry

[X ] Drinking something

[ ] Eating something

[ ] Under 100 lbs

[ ] Starving myself

[ ] Vegan

[ ] Vegetarian  I want to someday.

I wish…

[X] I was thin

[X] I had a better body

[ ] I didn’t have to eat

[] I could control myself better

[ ] I could avoid food

[ ] I could hide what I am

[] I was prettier

[] I could disappear

I love…

[ ] Being hungry

[X] SeeIng a difference

[ ] Shaking

[ ] Being weak

[X] Losing weight

[ ] Being Anorexic/Bulimic

[X] Green tea

[ ] Diet pills

[X] Being able to turn down food

[X] Feeling good about myself


[] I’m shorter than 5’4

[] Think I’m ugly

[] Have self made scars

[ ] Have a tattoo

[] Wear glasses

[] Been told I’m pretty by a stranger

[] Have more than two piercings 
I will after this Summer

[] Have piercings besides my ears I wish my nose, but no

[X] Have freckles

I hate…

[X] When people stare

[X] Being asked questions

[ ] Having to eat

[X] Wearing short skirts

[] Being fat

[] Looking ugly

[] Feeling this way

[ ] Fat people

I need…

[] People to stay out of my business

[] More friends

[] Someone to know

[] Less food

[X] More water

[] Gym membership

[X] To lose 30 lbs Well 35

[ ] To lose 20 lbs

[ ] To lose 10 lbs


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂

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