June 28th

Hello everyone. Today marked my fourth day of the No Junk Food Challenge and it was the first time of me doing my exercises at home alone.

Well, I woke up at 8:30 and fumbled downstairs. It still hurts a lot to bend my left knee so, I attempt to knee it straight the entire time I go up and down stairs. I had some breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios and milk.

Then at about 11 I had some blackberries and took some ibuprofen. That was when my dad called me to see if I had done my exercises yet. I hadn’t… So, then I did them. Some of them are harder than others. My therapist told me that if I experience any pain while doing the exercises, to go ahead to the next one. The last one, chair squats are the hardest. I have long legs so I have to move them farther from the wall so I don’t injure myself any more than I have already. I try to squat as far as  I can, but sometimes I just go too far.

Then, I came downstairs and looked for some new inspirational quotes to put at the end of my entries and then I had some lunch. I had some grapes and a yogurt.

For dinner, I had some of the leftover pizza we made last night. I had 3 pieces. Then I watched some TV and did my exercises again and finally went to sleep.


I had a total of 1015 calories.


Today is Friday, and tonight I am going out of town for a wedding. I will not eat junk food while I’m there!! I promise. But, because of this, I will not be posting my post for Friday, Saturday, and probably Sunday until Monday. When  I do this, I will also make my month update post and my during pictures will be posted on Monday! Stay tuned.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂



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