June 26th

Hey everyone. So today I woke up at about 8:30. Yay, the latest I’ve slept recently. I hobbled downstairs. Because my sister was not yet awake, I had to not use crutches to get my breakfast. It was difficult, but I managed. I had a Greek yogurt and some grapes.

I iced my knee and it has been elevated for most of the day.

My sister got up at around 11 and I asked her to get me some cherries. She did, unwillingly but he did it.

Then, at around 2, I got a chocolate craving. It only lasted for a little bit, mainly because my sister went and grabbed a chocolate bar but I knew I couldn’t eat it, so I held back.

I then kept my knee elevated, I iced my knee again and took some pain medication. I just sat around for the majority of the day, because I don’t like going up and down stairs because it hurts. So, I sat on the couch.

Then, at about 5, my dad and mom came home. I assumed my mom was going to make dinner, but she left so i had a banana.

When my mom came home again, she made dinner. She made pork chops, sticky rice, and corn.It was good.

I had a total of 766 calories. That is not very healthy, but I only ate when I was hungry, so, I guess I should have eaten more. If I get hungry later on, I will eat something else. I will let you all know tomorrow.


So, today, my knee has had tremendous results. It is not as swollen, I can walk without crutches, not well, but I can. It still hurts to walk up and down stairs without them, but I am working on it. I know I probably won’t be able to use crutches during physical therapy, so I am preparing for the worst.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂



6 thoughts on “June 26th”

  1. Hey Alicia, here’s my favorite trick for satisfying my chocolate fix (of course when you are back allowing yourself “junk food”). I like DeMet’s Sugar Free Turtles. You can find them in the sugar free candy section in your local grocery store. If you can control yourself, one piece is 50 calories and it’s so yummy and doesn’t give you a stomach ache like a lot of other sugar free candy products. Good luck and keep going!

  2. Sounds like your making real progress. Did you check out that app yet? It will tell you how much you should eat.

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