June 25th and Knee Update

Hey everybody. So, why don’t I talk about yesterday. I woke up at about 7:30 and crutched myself downstairs. I had some Honey Nut Cheerios and then later a  few blackberries at about 11. I called my dad and asked him when my doctor’s appointment was. 2:10. Yay. I put on some comfortable clothes and waited for my dad to get home. Then, at about 1:30 we left to the doctor’s office.

When we were finally signed in and had waited about 30 minutes, we were called in and the nurse took m temperature, my blood pressure, etc. and then we waited.

When the doctor finally came in, he asked me what was wrong. Then, he proceeded to move my leg in all different directions, some of which I didn’t know was possible. The worst ones were when I was on my stomach, so he couldn’t see my face, which in all honesty, was a good thing.  Then, which I knew was coming, “Alicia, walk with out your crutches.” I wanted to die. I walked for what seemed like 5 years, then he made me do a squat. Yep, wanted to do.

The doctor, then told me to ice my knee twice daily and take 600mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. I also needed to get an X-ray and that I need physical therapy. 2-3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. Yay. My first session starts tomorrow at 10. So, I’ll have to write about that hell hole for the entire 30 minutes.

When we got to the hospital to get my X-Ray we waited for about 30 minutes, I got my X-Ray, my dad signed me up for physical therapy, and then we came home.

When we got home, I ate some dinner, well a turkey sandwich and had a Greek yogurt and that was it because I had to go to my basketball game, No I didn’t play, but I did go to support my team.

After the 2 games, we  went to McDonald’s. Now, if you read my last post, I started the No Junk Food Challenge. So, no I did not get anything.

When we got home I had a yogurt and went to bed.

I had a total of 1020 calories.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


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