My knee, my knee, my knee

Hey everyone

So, remember how in my last pot, I said I would continue the 30 Day Shred because of my knee? Well, scratch that. On Saturday, I woke p and my knee was kind of sore and swollen. I was laying on my couch and I had some grapes and a granola bar for breakfast. At around noon, I was getting ready to do the 30-Day Shred.

Then, my parents decided that the proper thing to do would be to elevate and ice it. I had four pillows underneath it and my dad didn’t realize it. He had hold of my ankle and my knee. When he went to remove the fourth and final pillow he let go of my knee and it hyper-extended. There were tears and then ice, then an ace bandage, a knee brace and finally crutches. No, if this wasn’t obvious already, i won’t be doing the 30-Day Shred for a while. Which really sucks. I was seeing really awesome results. Anyway, i have a doctors appointment today and I will let you all know of my situation tonight or tomorrow. So, because of this, I have decided that i will be doing the ‘No Junk Food Challenge’. Starting today.


Well, I should say what I ate for the last few days.

Saturday June 23rd,

I said that for breakfast already that I had grapes and a granola bar. Then my mom made me a cup of iced coffee to get my mind off of my knee.

Then, a little while later i had some more grapes, our house is pretty much food-less.

Which is why we went out to dinner at Lone Star. I got a 6 oz steak,  a baked potato and some broccoli. I also had some of the Texas rose or whatever the onion thing they have is called. It’s like a fried onion.

After that we went and saw Brave, the Scottish Disney movie. It was pretty good. 3.5-4 stars.

I had a total of 1203 calories.


Sunday, June 24th

I crutched myself downstairs at around 7 and waited until people were awake so they could get me some breakfast. I don’t really like asking for help so all I really ate were about 50 blueberries and a granola bar.

Then, my family and i went out to dinner with my grandparents. When we got there, my dad found a hundred dollar bill and turned it in. The manager there was like, “If no one claims it within the next few days, you can come back and keep it. My grandma and i on the other hand, were like, “Just take it.” I know that’s bad and if it were me i would want the person who found it to turn it in, but they most likely wouldn’t. Whatever.

i got a pulled pork sandwich. My sister and I shared some mashed potatoes.

Then, when we returned home, I iced my knee for a while, and the next thing i knew it was 9:30. I had some blackberries, and crutched up to bed.

I had a total of 1064 calories

Good start for eating less. I may have to use the shake weight my mom bought for exercising my upper body so i am at least burning some calories and building more muscle.

Until tomorrow


Happy Shredding,

Alicia 🙂



3 thoughts on “My knee, my knee, my knee”

  1. You seem to have a very motivated attitude towards being fit and challenging yourself. Don’t let the injury get you down. As someone who has done competitive martial arts for a number of years now, I can certainly appreciate the difficulty of dealing with injuries (particularly with the knees).

    I take it as an opportunity to figure out a way around the injury. While some people will tell you to try your best to work through the pain, that’s a bad long-term strategy. What is better, I feel, is doing some problem-solving to find other ways you can challenge your body without putting the injured area at risk. Just take your time and be smart. You’re still so young, that you have ABSOLUTELY no reason to rush through this. Take care!

    P.S. – I don’t know exactly how active you are or how much you weigh, but make sure you’re not cutting your calories TOO severely. The effect on your weight can be the exact opposite of what you want. Just a thought 🙂

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