9 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming!”

      1. I really think it’s great that you’re doing it. I’m so sorry about your knee injury! I injured my achilles tendon a few months ago while training for a 5k (my first baby steps into exercise greater than merely walking 45 mins at a time). Over the last year I lost 20 lbs from just going vegan, which turned me into quite the cook 🙂 And this was prior to my pitiful attempts at running. I’d spent years and years counting calories and eating frozen meals and going a little neurotic. So kudos to you for kicking ass!! 🙂 I wish I could have done what you’re doing now at 14.

      2. Thanks. Ouch. ACL… Painful. Is going vegan hard. I have pondered whether or not i should do it, but I feel like it would be hard and my mom would have troubles making food for me. Or I could become a vegetarian. What are your thoughts?

      3. I was an on-and-off vegetarian for years- I just avoided meat because I didn’t like it, but when pushed by family and friends I’d try to eat some chicken. =/ I’m not a model vegan (AT ALL), but when I’m home I do enjoy cooking vegan food. Do you ever cook with your mom? You could try cooking some vegan recipes together, it would be fun. I can email you some recipes if you’d like- I might post some on my blog too! (the vegan one, veganindetroit.wordpress.com 🙂 )

      4. Thanks. I will probably attempt being a vegetarian first and then if I can stick with it, I may be able to become a vegan. I don’t really eat meat that often, except for chicken sometimes and on other occasions, so being a vegetarian wouldn’t be too hard. But yes, some recipes would help. Thanks!
        If you can, Please email me some at girlsjustwannabehealthy@gmail.com
        Thank You!

      5. I think even if you supplement a few meals a week with vegan ones you’ll see a difference. I mean, it’s really just all vegetables. Won’t hurt! 🙂

  1. Vegan is an awesome choice to make. Before you decide to go into full force you should start small. That way the change will stick. I have been losing weight towards my goal. Right now I have adopted healthier eating habits I started by not drinking soda. That killed me but my reward was I can now sleep better and my constant headaches gone. Then I gave up sugar. You would think that would slow me down because I was fueled by sugar strange thing happened I have more energy. next thing I am giving up is regular white bread. I have found sprouted breads. Your body thinks that they are a vegatable and process them as one instead of storing them as fat. Your doing good

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