June 19th

Hey everyone. So today was fun. I guess. I woke up at 6:30 boo! and then went downstairs and had a poptart…Why?????????? I don’t know. I also had some grapes. My friend and I were planning on going to the mall at 1 so I was going to do the 30-Day Shred, shower, and go. Instead, I watched TV, showered, and went. Before all of this, I started eating a leftover turkey sandwich my sister had from a few nights ago. I would have finished if it wasn’t smothered in ketchup… So, Instead, I just had some turkey, some cucumber and then left.

After walking around for about an hour and a half, I returned home. But, before we got home, we stopped for some frozen yogurt from this place I had never even heard of, it was really good.  Then, I searched the web for a little while, listened to some music, and then finally did the 30-Day Shred. As, with yesterday, circuit 3 strength was easy. I believe that today may be the final day that level 1 will haunt me. I hope to begin level 2 tomorrow. Well, it may not be the last day of level 1.

Last summer, I attempted to do the 30-Day Shred. When I reached level 2, I did the first day with ease and then day 2, I was left in tears because of how much pain I was in. So, my plan for this 30-Day Shred is to do level 2 one day, then do level one the next day, and switch off for a few times and then when I am comfortable with level 2, I will do level 2 everyday until I am ready for level 3, then I will do the same transition.

For dinner, my mom went to Chipotle. I got 3 soft shell steak tacos. I only ate 2. Then, we watched Bridesmaids. That is until my sister came home. Then, we had to turn off the fun but inappropriate nonsense off.

Today, i ate a total of 1705 calories. Damn, that’s a lot…


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂



3 thoughts on “June 19th”

  1. My motto is its not how you fall but if you get up. Bad days happen your gonna have a bunch more thats life. The trick is how to move forward after it. So I was looking on your site and noticed you have an iPod I use the myfitnesspal app. It is amazing you should try it if you don’t already have it.

      1. Mine either but if your near wifi it has a bar code scanner so you basically just scan the bar code and choose how much you ate. I log everything it helps me a lot . I was out of calories earlier. Went for a bike ride logged it and now i know if I want I can have some ice cream or I can bank it.

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