June 18th

Hey everyone. so yesterday was a fun day… I think. why i this so you may ask. Well, I don’t really remember what I did yesterday. That’s not really good for a fifteen year old to not recall her day… especially if it was yesterday. Well, nevermind. I do however, remember what I ate and my exercise was.

I woke up at 9:30, which is pretty late for me compared to my prior wake up times. Anyway, I then had some cereal. Yum. Frosted Flakes. After that breakfast, I realized that I didn’t really like Frosted Flakes, darn. Then, I think I did something but I’m going to say I did nothing because I can’t remember.

Then for lunch, I had some grapes and a granola bar. I maybe watched TV??? I was going to have a sandwich but I wasn’t really feeling it.

I then did the 30-Day shred. I feel accomplished because even thought the power in  my house went out about 5 times during the Shred I remembered the entire thing and was able to finish it with no Jillian to ‘show’ me what to do. Also, I completed the entire thing with no breaks!!!!!!! Yep, circuit 3 strength anterior raises with a side lunge was actually easy for me… Well most of it was.

For dinner, I had a grilled chicken Caesar salad, the same as yesterday I know. And later, as my parents were enjoying their freeze pops (pukeeee!!!), I enjoyed some cherries.

Well that’s all for yesterday. Pretty boring, I really have no idea how I forgot everything that happened yesterday.

I had a total of 1080. Good for me.


Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂


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