June 11th

Hello. Today s June 11th and right now, I am waiting in anticipation of my birthday. Yes, tomorrow, June 12th, I will be 15 years old. I am rather excited but I will not waste my 11 days of training on eating cake and crap. Small portions, think small portions.

Well, I woke up at 5:30, and was like, “Wait What?” No. I have another 2 hours to sleep. So i attempted to fall back to sleep, and apparently I did, because the next thing I knew, it was 7:20. I laid in bed for another 40 minutes and listened to my alarm clock play song after song. Then, I hopped out of bed, I had a piece of coffee cake, watched some television, and got dressed. My grandma was waiting outside our house at 8:45 to bring my sister and i to basketball.

We left at noon, and came back to her house. We had peanut butter and nutella sandwiches and 4 Oreos each. We also played cards. Then, my grandma and my sister went to the store, and I took a nap. When they got back, the door awoke me, so I watched ‘Say yes to the Dress’ and a few other TLC shows. One question dor all the TLC watchers out there. Do the constant hashtags annoy you. #WNTW #SYTD. It annoys me. Whatever. Then, my grandpa offered us Dove ice cream bars and i said yes. I shouldn’t have but i did. Then we had Hamburgers for dinner and some carrots. Then, my father picked us up and we went home.

All the movie channels were still free, so we watched more movies. My mother asked me to make her a sandwich so I did. She also asked me to go and the get the Riesen bag, so I did hat as well. She shared. We all had four. When, my dad and sister went out for a walk, I took the empty living room and used it to my advantage, doing the 30-Day Shred. it gets easier every day. I will have to move to level 2 soon. Even though it keeps getting easier, circuit 3 of the strength still makes me hurt. I’ll just need to try even harder.

Well, I’m off to shower and get ready for my birthday tomorrow. I still have basketball camp in the morning which equals no sleeping in and 2 basketball games at night which equals no relaxing. I’ll have to do that this weekend.

Today, I ate a total of 1649 calories. That is quite a bit. But my not even 1000 can take a few of those.

Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂



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