Day #4 or as we call it June 4th

Hey guys. So today was fun, yeah not really. Well exercise wise, but not relaxing wise which is good because this is a blog about losing weight and such. I exercised for a total of 3, count ’em 3 hours. Yes, indeed I did.

Let’s take it back to the beginning. Well, last night. No this is not today hence last night. But whatever. Either way, this is where my ‘story begins.’ Well, I play basketball and today was the first day of Basketball camp. Joy. So, anyway, last night at 10, my family and I had just finished watching Transformers 2. And I was tired so I departed to bed. Little did I know that going to bed at 10  turned into going to bed at 2 in the morning. I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t nervous for the camp or excited . I’ve played basketball as long as I can remember so I would be fine. Yeah. It was bad. I told my mom to get me up at 7. That, to say the least, did not happen. She told me what time it was and in her words earlier this evening, “I looked like i was dead.” All she could manage to hear from the three times i repeated myself was “No, at 8” So she left for work, her new job and then my dad woke me up at 8. Yes, that extra hour was needed but i could have gone for four or more hours after that. But no. Shucks. Anyway, I sprung out of bed, no, more like I could barely make it to the bathroom because of the lack of coordination skills my body had after a slim five hours of sleep. But, I managed. I may not have if our staircase didn’t have a railing. So, then, I managed to get a bowl, a spoon, and some cereal (Honey Nut Cheerios) and i didn’t trust myself with the milk, so my dad poured it, he may have even poured the cereal, I don’t remember, anything before 9 this morning is a blur. Then i got dressed and went to basketball camp. I did that for 1.5 hours and then, because it was our first day, my dad was there and we stayed for my sister’s camp time. It doesn’t really matter that my dad stayed, just a little tidbit that i thought would help, but wasn’t really needed. Then during my sister’s camp time, I shot for an hour. 2.5 hours of exercise. Check.

Then, we came home and I had my sister’s leftover pasta from the other night, the same night that I got the salad. There was a meatball to go with it. Woot. I sat down at the computer, went on twitter, facebook, and other wordpress blogs to advertise the blog. It may have worked, haven’t checked the stats in a while. Then, my dad and i watched the season finale of NCIS Los Angeles. Dang, it was intense. When he wasn’t dozing off, apparently he hadn’t gotten much sleep either, i could hear (he snores. :P) During this period of suspense and many plot twists, I consumed 4 carrots. Yum. Can’t go wrong with carrots, improving my vision, 30 calories at a time. Then, i did the 30-Day Shred. I’m sore. Damn. Then I ate 8 Oreos. I was upset with myself, but I did deserve them, 3 hours of working out, I needed a reward. It wasn’t a whole pizza or a pie or anything like that. Then, as I was listening to What Makes you Beautiful by One Direction (It motivates me) my sister asked me if I wanted to play some Badminton. So, I said yes. Then, within the blink of an eye, my mom called us in for dinner. (She left work early, because she got there early or something, I don’t know). Apparently, she didn’t know that I had eaten pasta for lunch because guess what’s for dinner.





Pasta. Great guess. Anyway, yes, we had pasta but these were colored noodles, always fun and then there was broccoli. So yes, I worked my butt off today and I feel amazing even thought the awkwardness  of the computer is making me feel lazy and as though I did nothing today, but i did.

Today, I ate a total of 1572 calories today. A lot, but I worked a ton of those off.

Happy Shredding

Alicia 🙂



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